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Learn More About the Videofied Video Verification?

Video-Verified Police Dispatch Services:

A quicker response is the better response, especially when it comes to intruders. Priority Response is a process adopted by law enforcement and dispatch teams. It means that video-verified alarms are seen as crimes in progress, and police are immediately sent to the scene.

  1. An intruder breaks into a construction site (for example), walks in front of a MotionViewer and trips the motion sensor component which instantaneously triggers the camera to record 7 seconds of video.
  2. The MotionViewer then sends the video clip to the control panel wirelessly over military-grade, AES-encrypted RF.
  3. The control panel transmits the video clip over cellular to a professional, 24/7 central monitoring station for alarm verification.
  4. Upon reviewing the video clip and verifying that there is an intruder on site, the monitoring operator will initiate an immediate dispatch to law enforcement. If the video shows a raccoon or deer on site, the operator will.
  5. Law enforcement treat a video-verified alarm as a crime-in-progress and respond with top priority.
  6. Faster police response means a greater likelihood of arrests and reduced losses.