TG-7FS - Telguard Commercial Fire Cellular Alarm Communicator

TG-7FS - Telguard Commercial Fire Cellular Alarm Communicator
TG-7FS - Telguard Commercial Fire Cellular Alarm Communicator
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Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator:  Alarm Communicator Battery (IM-1270): 

Telular TG-7FS Commercial Fire Communicator:

The Telguard TG-7FS is the ideal cellular alarm communications solution for commercial fire systems. The TG-7FS transmits alarm signals from the fire panel over the digital cellular network to the GEOARM monitoring station. Use the drop-down menu above to choose from the
TG7LA001 model designed for the AT&T LTE network or the TG7VFS04 model designed for the Verizon CDMA network.

Compliant with the 2014 Edition of the NFPA 72, the TG-7FS can serve as the sole communications path for the fire alarm system. It replaces all of the landlines currently dedicated to the master control unit. On average, cellular monitoring costs the ened user signficantly less than a dedicated landline. For each landline replaced with a TG-7FS, the monthly communication bill decreases.

By being able to signal failures to the central station within sixty minutes of an outage, the TG-7FS can be installed as the sole path for commercial fire installations. For existing installations, all landlines can be swapped for a single TG-7FS because of the new sixty minute supervision module.

Telguard technology allows full data reporting for unlimited point-to-point signal details and maximum transmitting power for superior in-building pentration. The TG-7FS can also be installed as a backup path and upgraded to sole path at a later date.

Product Features:

  • Meets UL 864 requirements for sole, primary or backup path communications.
  • Full data reporting.
  • Automatic self-test (60-min. & daily)
  • Power supply with battery harness.
  • Locking, red metal enclosure.
  • Two programmable supervisory trip outputs.
  • Alarm format support for SIA2, Contact ID, pulse (3x1, 4x2), modem lle, & lla, DMP
  • Telephone line monitor built-in with Standard Line Security.
  • Minimizes false alarms by providing dual paths for self-tests.
  • Leverages the GSM technology that operates over the 3G and 4G networks.
  • Falls back to 2G GSM if a 3G/4G network is not available.


• ACD 12, ACD 35, ACD 50, ACD 100:
• 12/35/50/100 feet of low loss, high performance cable.
• HGD-0: High gain directional antenna. • EXD-0: External antenna.

UL Listings

• 864 - Commercial fire control units & accessories for fire alarm systems
• 365 - Police station connected burglar alarm units and systems
• 1610 - Central station burglar alarm units; line security services
• 985 - Household fire warning systems

TG-7FS Express Product Specifications:

Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.5 x 11.5 x 3.5 (in)
Shipping Weight 8 lbs
Transmit Power 1.0 W - 2.0 W (max. allowed)
Power Comsumption 60mA (standby)
250mA (transmission)
Transformer 12VAC, 800mA (UL listed plug-in)
Radio Transceiver GSM 850MHz Class 4 (2 watts)
GSM 1900MHz Class 1 (1 watt)
Radio Antenna 9" dipole with 2dBi gain, 12 ft of cable and universal mounting bracket
Operating Temperature 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Operating Relative Humidity Up to 95% (non-condensing)
Approvals FCC part 15, 22, 24 & 68 compliant

Telguard Cellular Service:

Telguard cellular service provides nationwide digital cellular network coverage for all Telguard units. Telguard's communication center is UL compliant and provides seamless connectivity between the alarm panel, the Telguard family of products and the GEOARM central station. Telguard and GEOARM technical support provides a dual point of contact for both cellular service and Telguard product questions.

Every Panel, Every Time:

Because the TG-7FS uses dial capture to interface with exiting panels and supports virtually all alarm formats, it works with every panel, every time.

Five Minute and Sixty Minute Supervision:

For existing installations, all landlines can be swapped for a single TG-7FS because of the five minute supervision mode (NFPA 2010 edition), as well as the new sixty-minute supervision mode (NFPA 2013). When installed with multiple communications technologies, it is acceptable to supervise the cellular communication path just once daily.

True Drop-In Replacement:

The TG-7FS is dial capture based so all you need to do is unplug the landline and plug in the cellular communicator. All other aspects of the system from the master control unit through the central station won't notice the difference.

Advanced Reliability:

TG-7FS has the ability to utilize multiple cellular technologies to inscrease availability and reduce false alarms. Automatic self-tests with central station notification ensure the cellular system is operating. Available relay output for tripping the alarm control panel when a trouble condition occurs.

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