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I just wanted to send you a note to say that I now have peace of mind in regards to my home security/safety needs for my family. I can now say that I am very pleased with my new GeoArm Security System that you helped me buy/install myself. I have been wanting to buy a system but could not afford what other companies wanted to install a system. When I called your company I spoke to you and realized what you sell is exactly what I needed. A system I could design and install myself with your help and guidance. I like using Honeywell technology and cellular monitoring service. My thanks to you and your technicians who made it easy to design and install. Best regards.

- Howard, Florida
Ordered a Honeywell iGMSV and dual-path monitoring with TotalConnect interactive services from GeoArm around the beginning of the year. Good price on the iGSMV. Before it even showed up, I received my TotalConnect credentials, alarm stickers and yard stake, and a phone call to set up a time to configure the alarm.

Installation of the iGSMV could not have been smoother. The iGSMV had been preconfigured before it shipped (I even got a call from the CS telling me my battery was low, before I had even received the iGSMV - I'm guessing they had it hooked up to a panel w/no battery for testing/configuration). After I had done my part, I just gave the GeoArm alarm tech the MAC address of my communicator, he went off and did his magic (checking the programming on my panel and setting up my account with AlarmNet I'm guessing) and shortly afterwards I was able to control my panel through AlarmNet (web browser and smart phone apps). Although I now have a CE3 installed which gives me a big LED to remind me to arm the alarm when I leave, it's great to be able to arm the system remotely, and check on its status, and disarm it to let someone into the house when I'm not there.

Since the initial installation, there is not much to report. Occasionally I will reconfigure the alarm (I've added another motion detector and some smoke alarms) and need to call the central station to put my account in test mode. That couldn't be any simpler (I put the 800 number and alarm account # on a sticker on the wall by the house phone). I've also set the alarm off a couple times accidentally and one of our phones is usually ringing as we're punching in the last digits to disarm the alarm. I went month-to-month initially to see how things worked out, but now I'm going to pay for a year in advance and save some money ($5 discount per month plus one month free).

One big difference between GeoArm and other DIY-friendly alarm companies. If you have a problem with TotalConnect, GeoArm can remotely access your panel and fix things between you and AlarmNet. The other guys want you to get on the phone with AlarmNet in a 3-way conference call, and have you pretend to be an alarm tech. Seriously?

- Jonathan, Nevada
I wanted to bring to everyone's attention what an outstanding GeoArm technical support staff you have. I just completed an installation of a very complex alarm system, a Vista-128BPT with 3 partitions and 90 zones. I chose your company for central station monitoring and due to the complexity of the install chose to have the system programmed by one of your technicians. Your tech called me to program my system on time with a positive attitude. The tech I got for my project has a great personality and amazing technical aptitude. He was patient explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. He went on to program my system and turned the system over to me. I had a few small issues so I sent him an email. He quickly responded by calling me like I asked. I explained my issues and in no time he resolved everything. I can't say enough good things about GeoArm's tech staff. Due to my pleasurable experience I will recommend your services to everyone.

- Frank, New Jersey
Excellent customer service! The technicians are very helpful and knowledgable. Upfront pricing, no hidden charges or fees. The few times I have had to contact Geoarm the representatives were very friendly and able to handle my situation quickly. I highly recommend Geoarm to any one for all their security needs.

- Eli, Mississippi
This company bent backwards to make my old alarm system compatible with their wireless monitoring system. The price is great and after more than one year, I can tell that this company really stands behind their promises of service. I recommend them to anybody, and their prices are the best around.

- Victor, Texas
I spoke with GeoArm and they were very knowledgeable and helpful in answering my questions regarding monitoring for my DSC Alexor series system. I called several other monitoring companies, such as Livewatch and could not get anyone on the phone who could answer my questions. I also got several companies who gave me an answering machine. I am very pleased with the customer service I have received so far from GeoArm monitoring services. Thank You.

- Vincent, Pennsylvania
I am very pleased with the website. It was few clicks to get to exactly what I was looking for. Best price I found after researching for a week. I checked ADT and AlarmRelay, ADT is not cheap and AlarmRelay is slow in response. GeoArm is good in both areas.

- Vijay, California
Spent about 15 minutes on the phone (40 minutes total) with Drew (a very knowledgeable and competent alarm tech w/excellent communication skills) getting my second house set up with AlarmNet and TotalConnect 2.0 monitoring for my Vista 20p panel and iGSMV. Configuration and testing was flawless and I can already see and control the second location in my Total Connect 2.0 account. This is my second house being monitored by GeoArm, and the purchase, configuration, and testing was even smoother this time (no accidental factory reset of the panel by me this time!).

This is the timeline of the purchase and install:

Thursday 7/19: Call GeoArm, talk to Dan regarding shipping times for an iGSMV. He tells me they can drop-ship from a nearby state and I should have it in just a couple days w/o having to expedite shipping. I place my order online.

Friday 7/20: Package arrives in my office in CA.

Tuesday 7/24: I enter the information for my alarm panel online. Not more than two hours later I receive a call from GeoArm to set up a call with an alarm tech. Friday morning is available which works for my schedule.

Friday 7/27: Drew calls at 10AM as scheduled, I give him the communicator info, and he asks me to power down my panel and iGSMV. He answers a few questions for me while we wait to power things back up. After a few minutes I can tell from the LEDs that AlarmNet registration is taking place. At this point he needs to upload and download the alarm configuration so phone call ends. After about fifteen minutes or so I can see the download is complete, and Drew calls back and has me set off a couple alarms, both with the wired internet connection attached, and without, in order to force communication over the cellular connection. I was getting an error message on the panel about the communicator which I didn't understand, but Drew knew instantly that this was because the front cover was off (it has a tamper switch) and he was right. At this point everything appears to be working, and the new house has been added into my existing TotalConnect account, so we're done. I later I log in to TotalConnect and I can see my second location, observe the panel events, and control the panel remotely. The Zone Sync just finished so TotalConnect is showing me all the names I have assigned to my alarm sensors. Another example of the highly competent, customer-focused service GeoArm provides.!

- Jonathan, California
Every communication with this company has been outstanding. Kyle in sales helped up to the moment of my purchase and helped me with most of the technical details with getting connected with Geoarm. Outstanding service and a pleasure to deal with! AAA !

- Ramon, Georgia
Have had GeoArm for over a year now and extremely happy with their service. We've had a couple of false alarms and they are always on top of it. I've recommended them to numerous people and businesses.

- Michael, Pennsylvania
GeoArm is very easy to work with and Jason has helped me with obtaining the right equipment and making sure I ordered the proper monitoring system. He has been very helpful. I am extremely satisfied with the service.

- Gene, Minnesota
Great Monitoring Company that alarms homes and businesses. Just got the hook up, GREAT JOB GUYS!

- Donald, Texas
I am Delighted with GeoArm. First, I loved my on-line shopping experience. GeoArm had a great mix of hardware at a fair price. When it came to monitoring service the number of choices was amazing. I think they support just about every manufacturer out there. If that wasn't enough the prices were at least half if not more discounted from other providers. Customer service is still alive at GeoArm. The staff was more than willing to explain any questions you may come across. The technical support service is top notch the technicians provide great service, walk you through step by step to get your system activated and process changes in a timely manner. All in all I would give my experience an A.

- Frank, New Jersey
GeoArm is very easy to work with and Jason has helped me with obtaining the right equipment and making sure I ordered the proper monitoring system. He has been very helpful. I am extremely satisfied with the service.

- Gene, Minnesota
Great service. They helped me through the entire process. I installed my own system and they were able to remote in and setup monitoring. Nice & Easy! Plus they had a monthly no contract option. Everything I wanted from an alarm monitoring company (plus no on site visits for installation or contracts).

- Joe, Ohio
GeoArm rocks. I always get immediate callbacks when the alarm goes off or when there is trouble with the system (usually my fault). The tech guys know what they are doing and got my TotalConnect up and running in no time. Price is excellent for dual path monitoring and I am looking into the video monitoring option. No complaints. Keep up the good work GeoArm!!!!

- Mark, Texas
It's a nice feeling to have that extra step of security! Would recommend GeoArm to everybody!

- Karen, South Carolina
We had to switch our monitoring (from phone line to Internet method) as we are planning to drop our landline telephone service. We talked with GeoArm's staff several times to get help on what hardware to use before ordering the parts. The Tech Support staff was there (over the phone) every step of the way while we were replacing our control panel and adding the Internet monitoring communication module to the security system. It took awhile to debug the problem which was caused by our mistake of plugging the cable one pin off. The technician helped us through that and helped us program the system, and test it to verify signaling. He was patient and made sure everything was tested/worked before putting the system on live for monitoring services.

Everyone we dealt with was sincerely helpful and professional. We are happy with the monitoring fee. We also feel good about not having to deal with so called "proprietary" installer codes that were issued in the past (the previous monitoring company refused to provide the code) which is why we had to replace the control panel in the first place. Please note, I was thoroughly impressed with how GeoArm works with the DIY customer.

Working with GeoArm was a pleasant experience. Thank you!

- Angela, California
I would like to thank you and your team at GeoArm for your exceptional customer service. I feel compelled to write you this note as I have dealt with a few internet based residential security service companies and was very disappointed. I appreciated the time you spent discussing my requirements for my residential monitoring. Your facilitating my upgrade to the new GSM technology so that I could benefit from the Total Connect functionality was of paramount importance to me. Furthermore, once I had my upgraded equipment, tech support was very responsive and helpful in the activation. I take pride in my DIY projects and GeoArm has enabled my success in the home security arena.

- Chris, Maryland
I am Brian with Bishop Construction; we are general contractors out of Tampa, Florida. As everyone in the construction field knows there is a serious problem with theft and vandalism on jobsites. Over a three-month span we had been robbed three times for over thirty thousand dollars in tools, material and damage. Initially, we had thought that connex boxes with internal cam locks would provide a safe place for our tools but we soon found out that it was clearly not enough protection. The thieves hot wired one of our rough terrain telescopic forklifts and used the forks to ram through five connex boxes and pry the doors open. They wiped us out of twenty thousand dollars in tools and equipment. Not to mention, all of the hours that were lost replacing and dealing with the insurance claim. I felt helpless after the robbery. I knew the only way to stop them was to have real time security and the only method that I knew at the time was a security guard. For this particular job a security guard would have been a huge investment. Ideally, I wanted a product that I could take from job to job that had live monitoring and was user friendly. I searched many hours for the most cost effective way to provide real time security to my job site and I finally came across RSI Videofied through GeoArm. Videofied seemed to have all of the answers to my concerns, so I went ahead and ordered it. Installation was easy and the GeoArm staff answered all of my questions over the phone. Within a month after installing the system with the outdoor security cameras and caught a thief in that act. The staff at GeoArm did an excellent job in identifying the thief and dispatching the Pasco County Sheriff Department. I am completely satisfied with the Videofied system and the service from GeoArm.

- Brian, Florida
I am very impressed with the service that I have received so far. You guys are standing behind everything and I appreciate that. Also, I would like to compliment the technician I worked with. He was an outstanding professional and he never gave up on me. I'm sure that there are some people out there that would have just said "it's OK, we are getting your signals, everything is fine", but for you guys that wasn't an acceptable answer. You are stiving to make sure that everything is 100% working and that I am 100% happy with GeoArm. For that I am extremely grateful. I am sure that once this all gets ironed out, I will be telling many others about your service. Thanks.

- Steve, West Virginia
You helped me get setup with GeoArm, taking over monitoring of my system using a 7845i-GSM. You might remember that there was a bit of trouble because I couldn't get my old dealer to release the radio from AlarmNet and I ended up having to replace it. You were very helpful throughout the process. Speaking of monitoring, everything has been working great since the switch. Had a false alarm and your guys called right away. Also had an incident where AT&T was working on the phone line and took it down, and your folks called to check up on it. I won't hesitate to recommend your service.

- David, Connecticut
This is Brian again with Bishop Construction out of Tampa. I am ecstatic to let everyone know that in less than a month GeoArm and Videofied caught a second thief in the act at our jobsite. He came in around 10:30 P.M. on the night before Thanksgiving and was caught on one of the cameras inside of the building. GeoArm responded right away and dispatched the Pasco County Sheriff Department. The deputy who was in charge of the previous apprehension overheard the dispatch call and immediately knew that it was the real deal and not a false alarm. Once the K-9 unit arrived the deputies went into the jobsite and apprehended the suspect. The deputy who overheard the dispatch let us know that we have the best security system in all of Pasco County. The Sheriff Department knows when they get a call from Geoarm that it is not just another false alarm but is a real crime in progress.

- Brian, Florida
Your alarm company is AMAZING!!!! The customer service I received is unheard of these days. You probably will have a life long customer here. Thank you for the follow-ups you did on this system. Additionally, I want to thank my technician for all his hard work throughout getting this set up correctly. All I have is praise for you guys. Once again, thanks for the great customer service. You guys are the BEST and i mean the BEST!!!!!

- Patrick, Texas
I would like to thank you for all of your assistance. So far GeoArm and employees have been very helpful. The alarm services has been great so far. Your technicians are very knowledgable and helpful. The monitoring service is priced well too. I would recommend GeoArm to all my friends and family.

- Marcus, Florida
I like others that had "not so" everlasting technologies found GeoArm and they were very helpful in switching my panel over to their service which was quite cheap compared to others. Even with difficulties from the way everlasting technologies setup the panel monitoring, they were able to overcome and get it hooked up for IP monitoring (I have the Vista 21ip). I would highly recommend them.

- Mark, Virginia
Wow, you guys have great customer support! Thanks for the email. I just returned from vacation and plan on installing the security system within the next few days. It feels good to know that I will have help if I need it.

- William, Ohio
Outstanding customer support and tech service.

- John, Washington
I have been in the security industry for 10 years and I have worked with several monitoring companies and central stations across the nation. GeoArm has been the most helpful group of people at every level. From sales, activation and setup of Total Connect services to alarm response time I am consistantly impressed with the level of service they provide. As a security business owner, I can't stress enough how important it is to have installations go as smoothly as possible. A monitoring company that responds to a customers/installers request in a timely manner can help save TIME and MONEY. I choose GeoArm as my alarm monitoring company and I would recommend their service for all my customers installations.

- Dave, Texas
For years I was paying 3x the cost from the big guys and not getting 1/4 of the service I get from GeoArm. Their knowledge, willingness to help, and friendliness confirm my good decision everyday.

- Norm, California
Your technicians perform great service! I have recommended you guys to many others. Thanks as always!

- Sean, California
I cannot express in words how much I am happy with your services. I got all forms of suffering with ADT for three years. The cracked ADT shall disappear from the market very soon. Next week, I will get the security cameras and hook up the ethernet cable so your technicians can configure the system remotely again. The code with BF was caused because the tamper switch of the cover of the backup cellular alarm communicator was not closed right. Today, one of my guys tripped a breaker and we got informed by the central immediately. I am pleased with the really excellent service, and I will recommend your company in the Chicago area to drive traffic to your business. Thanks.

- Salim, Illinois
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the folks at GeoArm for helping me work through and correct a hardware issue that was ultimately not your problem. Two months ago I purchased a mixed wired and wireless Vista21IP system from WatchdogSuperstore. I looked around online, made some local calls and found that their prices were the lowest for what I was looking for. Unfortunately for me I failed to recognize cheaper isn't always better. After a month or so of correcting issues with the hardware purchase (an incompatible item, I was sold a less optimal device for my system and in one case given bad info and just made it work for me) I had tested the system enough to be sure I was ready to move on with monitoring. I found GeoArm both through just searching for a monitoring company that worked with DIY installations and from a few folks in some online forums that had used your monitoring and were happy with the service. After signing up, I was almost immediately contacted by your general manager, to go over a few specifics. The next night I was working with one of your techs, to get the panel programmed for IP/GSM monitoring. After an initial hiccup, we got the system registered and finished with the few details I missed and uploaded the final configuration for me, way past the time his shift was over on a Friday I'd like to add. That night I plugged in my 5828v and was unable to get status from the system. It was late so I figured I'd fix it in the morning. The next morning I was woken by my phone, it was the central station calling me to alert me to a check condition on my system. It turned out that the 6160RF I used for the wireless receiver was no longer seeing any of the wireless sensors. After restarting the alarm system, they all came back up. The next morning the same thing happened. I also took some time to look at my 5828v and each time I tried to use it, one command would get to the system but subsequent ones were ignored and it turns out that using the wireless keypad would actually hang input to the panel so I could no longer do anything but restart it. I called on Monday, explained what was going on and the GeoArm technician agreed that the coincidence of just having programmed the panel and this problem was odd and started looking into it. After downloading a fresh copy of my configuration and going over it with Honeywell, they didn't understand why it was happening. I then called WatchdogSuperstore to see if they had seen anything like this. Immediately they pointed out that the system had been working fine until the programming was done and went on the defensive. They danced around my questions and I never got the feeling that they had any interest in helping me diagnose the problem. At one point they did offer to sell me a new 6160RF and send in the old one. Then if it did turn out to test bad they'd give me a credit on the second purchase. Unfortunately, you can't convey a person's tone in a letter; let's just say they didn't give me the impression they cared or would have found a problem when they 'tested' the returned keypad. They then questioned why I was trusting a monitoring company that I found online of all things (forgetting how I found them apparently). At that point the call got heated and I hung up as they were not interested in helping me actually work through the problem, only deflect and be vague. Then I gave GeoArm another call, explained what the guys at Watchdog said and he wasn't sure what could be programmed that would cause the system to stop receiving wireless. He asked for some more time and spoke with Honeywell again to give them my added info with no luck. During this the panel was losing the wireless sensors (sometimes all of them, sometimes a portion of them) roughly on 12 hour increments. After that I tried turning off the low battery report field which GeoArm had turned on initially. For whatever reason, the RF check conditions stopped but the 5828v still would manage to hang the whole system. I then turned the low battery report back on and strangely the problem did not come back. That made me the most nervous as a problem that magically vanishes is never a good thing. At this point you and I had spoke a few times and I asked about possibly having you do a warranty part swap for me. Since you hadn't sold me the equipment, this was at your discretion. After speaking with Honeywell, you offered to get and send me a new 6160RF to swap with the one I had. I was unsure if that was the case now since one problem had seemingly disappeared but decided to go with it. After receiving the replacement 6160RF from you, I installed it and all the wireless sensors tested out fine with a go/no go. The big test was when I fired up the 5828v to which I was able to get status back from the panel, arm and disarm the system repeatedly with no issues. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but without changing any other programming, swapping out a piece of hardware fixed my wireless keypad problem and I'm willing to bet the RF supervisory won't come back either until I really do need to change my batteries. So again let me thank you for helping me fix something that wasn't yours to fix. I'm very happy I chose you for my alarm monitoring services.

- Ken, Virginia
The person I spoke with to set up my security system was more than helpful and very pleasant to work with. I look forward to my next call tomorrow to have my system up and running.

- Kathy, California
They are outstanding, professional and very knowledgeable. Within a couple of hours they called me up and helped me setup my new alarm system. YES I would recommend this company with 5 stars. Thank you GeoArm.

- Ismael, Florida
This was the only company that would take me on a month to month basis! I really appreciated not having to sign a three year monitoring contract with another alarm company. I was thrilled with your excellant customer service and technical support! They walked me, the technically challenged person that I am, through the entire process. Additionally, they checked to make sure that everything on my system worked twice. Thank you GeoArm! You service truely is great and exactly the same as my overpriced ADT service was. I would recommend GeoArm to everyone!

- KerriAnn, Colorado
I wanted to take a few minutes to drop you a line and let you know what a great job your did for us over here. Your technicians bent over backwards to help me troubleshoot and re-program the mess the last alarm guy left for me. Everyone was very knowledgeable and very patient. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone again for all your help.

- Jesse, California
Just a heads up and a congratulations on a job well done. GeoArm took great care of me. I recently bought a new home security system and had been getting the run around on alarm monitoring prices. I called GeoArm and the guys took care of me in a very straight forward fashion. Your technicians had my system monitored in less then 2 hours, which was AMAZING! They were very helpful in the initial testing and very informed of my security system. It is always a nice thing to run into people that know what they are doing and for a reasonable price.

- Paul, Utah
I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job one of your people did in helping us get our church alarm system up and running. I spent an hour with your alarm technician on the phone this morning. He walked me through every step of getting the alarm communicator running, panel information uploaded, and the cell phone app working, etc. Before I even called the GeoArm technician this morning I had a long list of questions typed out. He answered each one clearly and patiently. I deal with a lot of contractors and companies and it is somewhat rare to find a company like GeoArm that is so efficient and good to deal with. I have been very impressed from the time I first placed my online order 9 days ago, until we were up and running this morning. I think I picked the right alarm company!

- George, Illinois
Great merchant! Sent exactly the right antenna and security system. Everything worked correctly. Also, they are very responsive on answering technical questions. Highly recommended!

- David, California
“Thanks for the help. Great customer service always."

- Eric, Kentucky
You guys are awesome! This is what service should be! I threw out 3 other companies and found you guys to be the only ones that gave me a fare shake. Honest guys with honest prices doing honest work. I love it! Highly recommended!

- Grace, Florida
I just finished a Honeywell VISTA relay install with one of your alarm technicians and the service was excellent. He worked around my busy schedule, correctly projected the time for the install, and the (complex) install went very smoothly. Excellent customer service and I look forward to having GeoArm as a continued alarm monitoring provider!

- Thomas, Texas
I wanted to compliment your customer support for their easy, quick, and professional help with a problem resulting from the shippers responsibilities, not GeoArm's. My order had arrived in a shipping box that was torn open from rough handling during the shipping process. The shipper (UPS) knowing that there would be an issue, had dumped the box, and quickly took off. This prevented me from filing a damage claim with the shipper (UPS), and as it turned out one item was missing. When I called GeoArm's customer support to see if they could help me file a claim with the shipper; the representative said they would take care of the matter, saving me the trouble. But that was not all. GeoArm's representative very kindly offered to send me the missing item at no charge. Now, that is true customer support. So, thank you GeoArm, for having a customer support department that actually does customer support, and more.

- Jeff, Oklahoma
I am extremely pleased with GeoArm and their service. Everyone I have worked with there is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I am extremely happy with my alarm system. Having the alarm system pre-programmed when it arrived in the mail made the installation a breeze. It was very easy to install and their Customer Service was able to quickly help me with the few questions that I had. The monitoring service is also very good. I accidentally set the alarm off a couple of times after installing it and the monitoring center called almost immediately both times. I highly recommend this vendor.

- Thomas, Florida
I have an update to my situation if other people run into the same problem...

Although I bought the complete kit from one company (Safemart) and used the monitoring service from another (Geoarm) I really wish I would have just gotten everything from Geoarm. They were really helpful in getting the system online. Here is the full report...

Although I bought the whole alarm system as a kit preinstalled with the GSM/Ethernet riser card, the riser card was faulty. Geoarm could get the GSM to connect correctly but the Ethernet was not operational. I contacted the guys at SafeMart and they sent me another riser card to replace the first one. Guess what? That one didn't work either! Then, I asked for another replacement and I was accidently sent the wrong riser. At this point I was pretty frustrated with the whole gig. I talked with Safemart again and found out they were just forwarding them directly from DSC and it wasn't their fault that they weren't working. They agreed to just send me one directly from DSC without it even going to their office first. By chance, it worked. I spent several phone calls with the guys over at Geoarm and they went beyond the call of what was required to get me all setup. So here I type today. I have the DSC Alexor. I bought it from one company, I had a second company monitor for me, and I'm finally a happy camper. Mainly due to the efforts of the tech help at Geoarm. Hope it helps others who could run into the same situation.

- Lucretia, California

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