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GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 Phone Line & VoIP Security System

GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 Phone Line & VoIP Security System
Please Note: This GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 traditional phone/voip-line security system kit has been discontinued.

GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 Kit Description:

With a track record of global security success, the GE Interlogix NetworX product line includes a series of control panels that are universally compatible with all NX products and several wired and wireless accessories that can be scaled or modified to meet changing security requirements. The control panel functions as the "brains" of your security system, coordinating input from different sensors and transmitting alarm monitoring information over a traditional landline to the GeoArm central monitoring station. Fully versatile, these NX control panels accommodate a variety of integrated components that allow you to customize, and easily expand, your system to meet your security requirements. All NetworX control panels have fire alarm verification capability to help prevent false alarms.

The NX-8 represent the top-of-the-line systems for the most demanding home and commercial security needs. These feature-rich units include all the capabilities of the NX-6 model with options to accommodate an extensive number of keypads and users. The NX-8 control panel provides four programmable outputs that can be set up to activate external devices during and alarm or other system event. The modular design allows for complete integration of multiple systems within one enclosure, and adding more zones is fast and easy. Like all NetworX control panels, its modular design allows for complete integration of multiple systems within one enclosure. In addition to the features found on the NX-6 model, the NX-8 comes standard with 8 hard-wired zones and can easily expand to 48 fully programmable hardwired zones and/or wireless zones. The NX-8 control panel includes; flash memory microprocessor, expanded event log, early open/late close reporting, programmable loop response, supports SIA and contact ID communication formats, 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detector compatibility, and CP-01 2000 compliant.

The GE Interlogix NetworX security systems offer numerous keypads to meet your specific needs and preferences. Featuring user friendly options including touch screens, integrated intercoms and built-in wireless functionality, NetworX keypads provide simple, convenient setup and operation. Allowing you to turn the security system on or off by entering a simple numeric code, these keypads are designed with practicality in mind and complement virtually any décor. Dedicated emergency keys can be programmed so that fire, police or EMS can be contacted at the touch of a button. Available as touch screen, LCD, LED and Fixed English, NetworX system keypads feature easy-to-read information displays. Clear indicators and messaging give you complete system information and status, making it simple to find the right keypad for your unique lifestyle. Users can conduct quick and easy on-site programming with alphanumeric keypads.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) installations are an emerging new trend in the security industry. Being one of the pioneers in this industry, we are the perfect partner for any DIYer considering an installation of an GE Interlogix NetworX security system. With 30 years of professional security installation experience, GeoArm has the technical know-how to make your DIY home security installation as easy and seamless as possible. You can be confident that your DIY security system installation will be backed by a team of real security professionals.

Sensors and Peripherals:

  • Door/window sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Magnetic contacts
  • Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Keypads and keyfobs
  • Glassbreak and shock sensors
  • Wireless quick-bridge receivers and repeaters
  • Proximity card readers/door control modules
  • SIA or CID Central Station Reporting Formats and Voice Event Notification reporting via PSTN (native)

GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 Kit Specifications:

Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.3 x 11.3 x 3.5 (in)
Standard hardwired zones: 8
Maximum hardwired zones: 48
Maximum wireless zones: 48
Partitions 8
Event Log: 512
User Codes: 99
Smoke Loop: 2-Wire/4-Wire
Built-in Siren Driver: 2 Tone (Steady & Yelp)
Operating Power: 16.5VAC, 40VA
Auxiliary power: 1 Amp
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 49°C (32°F to 120°F)
Regulatory: UL365, 609, 985, 1023, 1610, 1635, 1637, CAN/ULC-S303-M91; S545-M89; ORD-C1023-1974

GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 Kit Includes:

(1) GE Interlogix NetworX NX-8 Alarm Control Panel (NX-8)
(1) Alarm Battery (PS-1242)
(1) Power Transformer (ST1216-40)
(1) Telephone Cord & Jack Set (IM-RJ31XSET)
Miscellaneous Items: User Manual

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