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Napco Cellular iBridge Interactive Basic Level Alarm Monitoring (for T-Mobile Network)
Napco Cellular iBridge Interactive Basic Level Alarm Monitoring (for T-Mobile Network)
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Napco Service

GeoArm is a licensed alarm company that performs Intertek (ETL) Listed, professional operator alarm monitoring services throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We understand that the safety and well being of the families, homes, businesses and other properties that we monitor are constantly at risk of theft and vandalism. We are a professional
alarm company with over 30 years of alarm monitoring central station experience. Our clients have come to trust out of our staff of professionally trained operators.

Stop paying more for the same Napco cellular interactive alarm monitoring services. You can select either do-it-yourself (no operator) or professional (24/7 operator) interactive alarm monitoring services. If you are looking to switch to GeoArm professional central station, ibridge basic level cellular interactive alarm monitoring services, then this is the right page! After completing your online order, you will then be directed to fill out a Napco cellular customer information form. This form provides the information we need to register your Napco cellular security equipment, your emergency call list, and your other alarm monitoring data.

Customers ask us all the time how our alarm monitoring works? First, an alarm initiating event occurs at your property. Second, we receive an alarm signal within seconds from your Napco's security system control panel over the T-Mobile cellular towers to the GeoArm central station. Next, we diagnose the signal (e.g. trouble, smoke, burglary...) to determine whether we need to call to verify the alarm event prior to dispatching the local authorities (e.g. police, fire...). First, we interpret the alarm signal and verify the rapid response times we know how to respond to all alarm events promptly and correctly. Have peace of mind knowing that the state-of-the-art monitoring facility and technological infrastructure is built to last.

Our central station has 16-inch concrete walls with steel beams and cables, two 47 kilowatt generators with 2,000 gallons of underground fuel to prevent power outages, buried phone lines directly connected to the phone company's central office, and if needed a redundant central station in place to back up all alarm signals. Regardless of equipment type, GeoArm can provide alarm monitoring services for your existing security system. Click here, to learn more about how our central station services work. If you have any further questions regarding the central station or our alarm monitoring services, please contact us.

Napco Service Features:

  • Monthly Test Includes 5 Signals
  • Via T-Mobile Cellular Towers
  • Remote Control Arm/Disarm
  • SMS messages of system alarms or troubles
  • iBridge Remote Z-Wave Home Automation Services (optional) - control of up to 232 Z-Wave devices consisting of any combination of lighting switches, dimmers, door locks and thermostats.
  • iBridge Video Surveillance Services (optional) - control up to 12 security cameras

Q & A's : Napco Cellular iBridge Basic Alarm Monitoring (for T-Mobile Network)

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