Interlogix Simon XTi Cellular CDMA Wireless Security System (for Verizon Network)

Interlogix Simon XTi Cellular CDMA Wireless Security System (for Verizon Network)
Interlogix Simon XTi Cellular CDMA Wireless Security System (for Verizon Network)
Item# ITI80-649-3D-XTI-CDMA-VZ
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Interlogix Simon XTi Control Panel (ITI80-632-3N-XTI):  Control Panel Alarm Battery & Transformer: CDMA Verizon Communicator (600-1048-XT-ZX-VZ):  Wireless Door/Window Contact (60-362N-10-319.5):  Wireless Motion Detector (60-807-95R):  Remote 4-Button Alarm Keyfob (600-1064-95R):  Add Wireless Talking Alarm Keypad (60-924-3-XT):  Add Wireless Glassbreak Detector (60-873-95):  Add Wireless Heat/Smoke Detector (TX-6010-01-1):  Add Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor (600-6520-95):  Add Wireless Siren/Strobe Light (SSA2):  Add Wireless Panic Alarm Button (60-578-10-95):  Add Wireless Flood Sensor (60-744-95R):  Add Wireless Water/Freeze Sensor (WWA01): 

GE Simon XTi Wireless Security System:

The GE Interlogix Simon XTi® is the next-generation security system that offers up to 40 zones of burglary and fire protection, and which complies with SIA False Alarm Standards. The Simon XTi combines the powerful security of the Simon XT and the convenience of a Two-Way Talking Touch Screen keypad and a status speaker that provides visual and voice messages for feedback, Simon XTi is well suited for houses, apartments, and condominiums. Cellular CDMA reporting via the Verizon® network allows for® features to support off-premises control for arming and disarming the system, checking system status, activating no-entry delay or latchkey feature. The Simon XTi panel comes standard with 40 wireless zones, or it can be set up with 38 wireless zones and two built-in hardwired supervised burglary zones (normally-closed loop only). The built-in radio receiver works with both crystal and SAW LearnMode™ sensors.

Simon XTi supports convenient system operation from anywhere within the premises with the use of wireless Two-Way Talking Touch Screens and/or touchpads. Optional Keyfobs (two- and four-button versions) can also be used for convenient local system control. In addition to using the Simon XTi as a security system, optional wireless devices can be added to provide control over other functions for added convenience. These devices include Z-Wave® wireless lighting control devices, wireless thermostats for home HVAC systems and door lock controls.

Simon XTi can send messages to the GEOARM central monitoring station using SIA or Contact ID (CID) formats. The XTi control panel can also report alarms to another land-line phone location or cell phone using Voice Event Notification. Built-in two-way voice capability with VOX (Voice-Activated Switching) provides additional security and emergency contact with the GEOARM control monitoring station.

This wireless security system is backed by GE Security's 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty and features a large back lit blue LCD display for easy viewing in the dark. The Simon XTi all-in-one security system is compatible with GE Security full range of wireless security devices. Each GE Security device uses radio frequency (RF) technology to wirelessly send its alarm signals back to the Simon XTi security system. You can upgrade your Simon XTi security system with up to the (40) total wireless security devices. Please note, the kit includes (4) wireless devices in the base package, so make sure you do not add more than (36) additional wireless security devices to your system. Please note that every wireless device counts for one wireless zone.

The included 600-1048-XT-ZX-VZ cellular CDMA alarm communicator utilizes the Verizon® CDMA wireless network, therefore you must verify you live in an area that is currently covered by Verizon® if you are choosing the GE Simon XTi cellular security system.

To install your Simon XTi cellular security system, simply plug in the Simon XTi transformer to an open wall outlet. Make sure that your Simon XTi installation location has an open wall outlet nearby. GEOARM recommends installing the Simon XTi cellular security system in a location that is not near an entry/exit door such as a utility closet or a master bedroom. If the Simon XTi alarm control panel is installed at an entry/exit door, there is a risk that an intruder destroys the panel and/or cellular communicator before the entry delay times out. In this instance, the GEOARM central alarm monitoring station would not receive the cellular alarm signal since the alarm control panel and/or cellular alarm communicator were destroyed. A Simon XTi wireless talking keypad (60-924-3-XT) or Simon XTi 60-924-3-XT wireless touchscreen talking keypad (60-924-RF-TS) installed at the entry/exit door would provide full system control and allow you to install the Simon XTi alarm control panel installed in a secure remote location.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) installations are an emerging new trend in the security industry. Being one of the pioneers in this industry, we are the perfect partner for any DIYer considering an installation of an GE Simon XTi wireless security system. With 30 years of professional security installation experience, GEOARM has the technical know-how to make your DIY home security installation as easy and seamless as possible. You can be confident that your DIY security system installation will be backed by a team of real security professionals.

Product Features:

  • 40 Wireless Zones Two Can Be Hardwired (normally-closed loop only)
  • Built-In PSTN 2-Way Voice Capability (over 3G w/optional module)
  • Supports Both Crystal and SAW Learn Mode Sensors
  • Supports Repeaters
  • Supports 2-Way RF Products (version-specific)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Motion Sensors
  • Chime Feature for Monitoring Door, Window or Motion Activity
  • 1 Master Access Code and 8 Programmable User Access Codes of 3 to 6 Digits
  • SIA or CID Central Station Reporting Formats and Voice Event Notification reporting via PSTN (native) and/or CDMA Modules
  • Programmable No Activity and No Usage Report Features
  • Meets SIA False Alarm Standards
  • 100-Event Buffer w/Time-and-Date Stamp
  • Panel Voice and Beeps That Can Be Disabled
  • Program Panel w/Built-In Touchpad or Enterprise Downloader Software v3.4 or Later
  • Digitized Voice
  • Expansion Options
      -Internet-Based Interactivity (w/third-party providers)
      -Support for On-Premises Remote Control w/Optional Talking Touchpad Accessory
  • Firmware Flash Upgrades Can Be Done Remotely

GE Simon XTi Product Specifications:

Dimensions (W x H x D): 5.81 x 7.12 x 1.60 (in), 147 x 180 x 40 (mm)
Required Transformer: Class II, 9 VAC, 3.34 A, 60 Hz (60-899, 60-899-CN in Canada)
Fuse: Non-replaceable transformer fuse
Backup Batteries: 6 VDC, 2100mAh, NIMH (600-XTI-BAT)
Backup Time: 24 hours (fully charged)
Battery Test 10 seconds under load every 4 hours
Radio Receiver Type: SAW-controlled superheterodyne
Radio Receiver Frequency: 319.5 MHz/ Bandwidth 350 kHz
Radio Receiver Sensitivity: 110 dBm nominal
Nom. Range without CDMA module present: 1000-ft open-air receiving range
Nom. Range with CDMA module present: Approx. 500-ft. open-air receiving range
Telephone/Modem Dialing: DTMF or Pulse
Modem: Modified Bell 103 (110 or 300 bps)
Telephone Interface: Line seizure relay
Total Input Zones: 40 or 38 wireless and 2 hardwire (normally-closed loop only)
Auxiliary Power: Unregulated 5.1 to 12 VDC; power-limited to 250 mA (maximum) @ 10 VDC
Siren Output: 1 hardwire interior siren (5.1 to 9VDC)
Digitization Type: Continuous Variable Slope Data (CVSD) Modulation
Playback Rate: 88,200 bits/second
Operating Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 49°C)
Operating Relative Humidity: Up to 90% mas., (non-condensing)
Color: White
Weight, without battery: 1.0 lb. (454 g)
Installation: Wall mount
Construction, chassis: ABS
FCC: Part 15, Part 68
UL: 985, 1023, 1635/ULC Listing ORD-C102319-74, ULC-S545-M89
CSFM: California State Fire Marshall


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