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✔ Own Your Do-It-Yourself Video Camera Surveillance Equipment. Wireless Security Cameras by GeoArm. and GeoArm Provide Video Surveillance:
Use your video surveillance cameras and have GeoArm support them for less. Continue to use your cameras the same way you always have, while paying a lower monthly bill. launched their video surveillance service in mid 2008 to allow their customers to view their property live over any active internet connection. video surveillance cameras keep you connected to your home, family or business and GeoArm provides you with the customer service and affordable monthly rates you desire.

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Switch to GeoArm Video Surveillance Today and Save!
Switching your video surveillance cameras to GeoArm is easy as 1-2-3.

1. Cancel your monthly plan with your current company so that your video surveillance cameras will be released and ready to be reactivated.

2. Choose a term length (3 Years, 1 Year or Month to Month) and order the video surveillance service.

3. GeoArm will then setup your new video surveillance account.

When Will My GeoArm Video Surveillance Service Begin?
Assuming your video surveillance cameras have been released by your previous company, the activation process can take as little as 1-3 business days from the time that we have received your order. The term of your video surveillance service will begin as soon as your video surveillance cameras have been activated with GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station. Video Surveillance Includes:

GeoArm Burglar Alarm Monitoring Service  GeoArm Medical Alarm Monitoring Service  GeoArm Fire Alarm Monitoring Service  

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  GeoArm Cellular Alarm Monitoring Service  GeoArm Interactive Alarm Monitoring Service  GeoArm Video Surveillance Monitoring Service Standalone Video Surveillance Service
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