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Interlogix Dual-Path Alarm Monitoring Service (Powered by IpDatatel)
Interlogix Dual-Path Alarm Monitoring Service (Powered by IpDatatel)

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What Security System Sensors are Covered?

What are Carbon Monoxide Sensors and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device that detects the presence of the toxic gas carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless compound produced by incomplete combustion and lethal at high levels. If a high level of carbon monoxide is detected, the device sounds an alarm, giving people in the area a chance to ventilate the area or safely leave the building. Carbon monoxide is produced from incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. In the home, carbon monoxide can be formed by open flames, space heaters, blocked chimneys or running a car inside a garage. When an alarm sounds, action must be taken immediately. This may include evacuating the premise if experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms (confusion, headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, etc), ventilation of the premises, and contacting professionals to inspect carbon monoxide emitting sources. If you suspect you have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, go outside immediately and call an emergency number. At high levels, breathing carbon monoxide gas is fatal within minutes.

What are Door and Window Contacts and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device that consists of an alarm transmitter and a magnet. The transmitter should be installed on the door or window frame while the magnet should be installed on the door or window. Installing them in the opposite position would increase the chances of a broken alarm transmitter as the door may slam and rattle the sensitive circuit board. When the door or window is closed the magnet is aligned with the transmitter and the zone is closed. If the window or door is opened the magnet becomes unaligned and you have an open zone. When the security system is armed and a door/window contact has an open zone, an alarm signal is generated.

What are Environmental Sensors and Why They are a Good Idea?

Refers to a range of alarm devices that monitor environmental changes. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water detectors, and temperature detectors are all devices that can monitor environmental change. A burglar alarm system that has one or more of these devices can protect against a range of threats beyond common burglaries. In the event an environmental alarm device sends an alarm, central station operators would dispatch the proper responders instead of police. (e.g. Fire department for a smoke alarm, paramedics for a carbon monoxide alarm, or the customer for a temperature or flood alarm)

What are Exterior Alarm Sirens and Why They are a Good Idea?

A weatherproof siren that can alert neighbors and emergency responders to a location where an intrusion has occurred. External sirens typically have a much higher decibel (dB) level than an indoor siren.

What are Interior Alarm Sirens and Why They are a Good Idea?

A siren located within the property that alerts residents of an emergency and responders to a location where an intrusion has occurred. Internal sirens typically have a much lower decibel (dB) level than an outside siren.

What are Flood Detectors and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device consisting of an alarm transmitter and a probe that detects the presence of water. The transmitter can be hardwired or wireless and is typically mounted well above where water is expected so the transmitter’s circuitry is safe. The probe is then mounted a few inches of the ground so that the flood is detected as early as possible. Flood detectors are typically installed in basements, cellars, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere else where there’s potential for water damage.

What are Freeze Sensors and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device that sends an alarm when a preset low temperature is reached. Different from temperature sensors, freeze sensors are only able to detect abnormally low temperatures.

What are Glassbreak Detectors and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device that detects the frequency of broken glass. A glassbreak detector has a highly sensitive microphone that can distinguish between different sound frequencies and recognize the exact frequency of broken glass, which if detected causes an alarm. GDBs along with motion detectors are devices used for interior protection to provide another layer of protection beyond perimeter protection. If you only had door/window contacts, then a criminal that breaks the glass without actually opening the door or window would go undetected. One GBD can usually protect every window in a room and should be mounted on the wall across from the windows it is meant to protect. GBDs are preferable over motion detectors when large animals live in the alarms premise, since they work while the security system is in stay mode without causing false alarms.

What are Heat Detectors and Why They are a Good Idea?

A burglar alarm or fire alarm device that detects a preset high temperature or a rapid rate-of-rise (ROR) in temperature. Heat detectors can be either electrical or mechanical in operation. The most common types are thermocouple and electro-pneumatic, which both respond to changes in ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature rises above a predetermined threshold, then an alarm signal is triggered.

What are Holdup Switches and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system sensor that sends a panic alarm to the central monitoring station which is handled as an automatic/priority dispatch. These devices are usually mounted underneath a checkout counter or underneath a bank teller's workstation so that a person in distress can discreetly activate it. When activated, the security system does not set off an audible siren so that the criminal committing the crime is not made aware that an alarm has been activated.

What are Motion Detectors and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device that uses passive infrared or microwave detection to detect motion in an alarmed premise. Some motion detectors are even more advanced utilizing dual technology detection or pet immunity. When your security motion is activated in stay mode, motion detectors are bypassed allowing you to walk freely through your alarm premises.

What are Panic Alarm Buttons and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device that when pressed, causes an alarm event regardless of whether or not the security system is armed or unarmed. Panic alarms can be programmed to cause a silent alarm or a normal audible alarm.

What are Remote Alarm Keyfobs and Why They are a Good Idea?

A keychain remote used to arm and disarm a security system with the touch of a button. Keyfob buttons can usually be programmed for many different functions such as system armings and disarmings, panic alarms, and X10 lighting. In apartments and condominiums where there are common areas that many different people need access to, a keyfob can also double as a proximity card that allows authorized access to restricted areas.

What are Smoke Detectors and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device that detects smoke and issues an alarm to alert nearby people that there is a potential fire. A household smoke detector will typically be mounted on the ceiling or on a wall near the ceiling as smoke tends to rise. To avoid the nuisance of false alarms, most smoke detectors are mounted away from kitchens or anywhere else where smoke is commonly present without a real fire. To increase the chances of waking sleeping occupants, most homes have at least one smoke detector in every bedroom, as well as in the hallway outside a bedroom. Smoke detectors are usually powered by one or more alarm batteries but some can be connected directly to household wiring. Local smoke detectors are battery operated and meant only as life safety devices. Monitored smoke detectors are directly connected to a security system so that not only will they wake up any sleeping in the location, they will also alert a UL listed central station of a potential fire. If you would like to protect your property as well as your life it is important to have monitored smoke detectors and not just local battery operated smoke detectors. Whether you have wireless monitored smoke detectors or local battery operated smoke detectors it is usually necessary to replace the batteries once a year to ensure appropriate protection. Most smoke detectors work either by optical detection or by ionization detection, but some of them use both detection methods to increase sensitivity to smoke. Smoke detectors may operate alone, be interconnected to cause all detectors in an area to sound an alarm if one is triggered, or be integrated into a fire alarm or security system. Smoke detectors with flashing lights are available for the deaf or hearing impaired, although recent research suggests that their waking effectiveness is poor.

What are Temperature Sensors and Why They are a Good Idea?

A security system device that sends an alarm when a preset temperature is reached or a rapid change in temperature occurs. Different from freeze sensors, temperature sensors are able to detect abnormally high temperatures as well as abnormally low temperatures.

How GEOARM Alarm Monitoring Services Work?

How GeoArm Alarm Monitoring Services Work?


Compared to the competition, on average, our customers pay 35-75% less on their monthly alarm monitoring bill. Plans starting at the lowest prices, so sign up today & pay less.


Your privacy is our priority. With GeoArm there are neither credit checks, nor social security number requirements for our alarm services. Our employees are drug & background tested.


Our UL-Listed central station performs security services in North America. Trust our A+ BBB Rating, together with our CSAA 5-Diamond certified state-of-the-art monitoring facility.


With over 30 years of experience, our team of customer & tech support agents are second to none. It is our job to protect your assets & loved ones, a duty we take very seriously.


Have peace of mind, our average dispatch times are only 15 seconds. Goodbye to missed break-ins and poor emergency response, with GeoArm superior monitoring services.

Read Our Great GEOARM Customer Reviews?

"This company bent backwards to make my old alarm system compatible with their wireless monitoring system. The price is great and after more than one year, I can tell that this company really stands behind their promises of service. I recommend them to anybody, and their prices are the best around."

Victor, Texas ★★★★★

"Excellent customer service! The technicians are very helpful and knowledgeable. Upfront pricing, no hidden charges or fees. The few times I have had to contact GeoArm, the representatives were very friendly and able to handle my situation quickly. I highly recommend GeoArm to any one, for all of their security needs."

Eli, Mississippi ★★★★★

"Every communication with this alarm company has been outstanding. From great sales agents who helped me from the moment of my purchase, to skilled technical support who walked me through all of the technical details with regards to getting connected with monitoring services. Simply, outstanding service and a pleasure to deal with! A+!"

Ramon, Georgia ★★★★★

"Have had GeoArm for over a year now and extremely happy with their service. We've had a couple of false alarms and they are always on top of it. I've recommended them to numerous people and businesses."

Michael, Pennsylvania ★★★★★

"They are outstanding, professional and very knowledgeable. Within a couple of hours they called me up and helped me setup my new alarm system. YES I would recommend this company with 5 stars. Thank you GeoArm."

Ismael, Florida ★★★★★

"I wanted to take a few minutes to drop you a line and let you know what a great job your did for us over here. Your technicians bent over backwards to help me troubleshoot and re-program the mess the last alarm guy left for me. Everyone was very knowledgeable and very patient. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone again for all your help."

Jesse, California ★★★★★

"Your alarm company is AMAZING!!!! The customer service I received is unheard of these days. You probably will have a life long customer here. Thank you for the follow-ups you did on this system. Additionally, I want to thank my technician for all his hard work throughout getting this set up correctly. All I have is praise for you guys. Once again, thanks for the great customer service. You guys are the BEST and i mean the BEST!!!!!"

Patrick, Texas ★★★★★

"Great service. They helped me through the entire process. I installed my own system and they were able to remote in and setup monitoring. Nice & Easy! Plus they had a monthly no contract option. Everything I wanted from an alarm monitoring company (plus no on site visits for installation or contracts)."

Joe, Ohio ★★★★★

"I am delighted with GeoArm. First, I loved my on-line shopping experience. GeoArm had a great mix of hardware at a fair price. When it came to monitoring service the number of choices was amazing. I think they support just about every manufacturer out there. If that wasn't enough, the prices were at least half if not more discounted from other providers. Customer service is still alive at GeoArm. The staff was more than willing to explain any questions you may come across. The technical support service is top notch, and the technicians provide great service. They walk you through, step by step, to get your system activated and perform changes in a timely manner. All in all, I would give my experience an A."

Frank, New Jersey ★★★★★

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GeoArm is an 5-Star Rated Alarm Company!

Learn About Our North America Central Station?

GeoArm Security Solutions is licensed to perform Underwriters Laboratories (UL Listed), dispatch alarm monitoring services throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. GeoArm understands that the safety and well being of the families, homes, businesses and other properties that we protect in the continental United States are constantly at risk of theft and vandalism. Feel confident doing it yourself with a
international security company that has more than 30 years of alarm monitoring experience. Our clients have come to trust the professional staff of trained central station operators to respond to all alarm events promptly and correctly. Have peace of mind knowing that the UL state-of-the-art monitoring facility and corresponding technological infrastructure is built to last.

Our central station has 16-inch concrete walls with steel beams and cables, two 47 kilowatt generators with 2,000 gallons of underground fuel to prevent power outages, buried phone lines directly connected to the phone company's central office, and if needed a redundant central station in place to back up all alarm signals. Regardless of equipment type, GeoArm can provide alarm monitoring services for your existing security system. Click here, to learn more about how our central station services work. If you have any further questions regarding the central station or our alarm monitoring coverage map, please contact us.
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