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Honeywell LYNX Plus
L3000 Kits

Honeywell LYNX Touch
L5210 Kits

Honeywell LYNX Touch
L7000 Kits

Honeywell Lyric Controller
LCP500-L Kits
Graphic Touch Screen? 4.2" Diagonal 7.0" Diagonal 7.0" Diagonal
Max. Zone Capacity? 39 64 80 128
Std. Hardwired Zones (with zone doubling)? 1 1 1 2
Max. ECP Hardwire Expansion Zones? N/A N/A N/A N/A
Max. V-Plex® Expansion Zones? N/A N/A N/A N/A
Max. Wireless Expansion Zones? 39 63 79 128
User Codes? 8 32 48 128
Event Log? 84 128 256 6,000
Two-Hardwired Smoke Detection?
Max. Number of Smart Scenes? 8 20 20 100
False Alarm Prevention Features
Exit Error Logic?
Exit Delay Reset?
Exit Delay Countdown?
Cross Zoning? (SIA)
Alarm Verification - Fire? (SIA)
Swinger Shutdown? (SIA)
Unvacated Auto-Stay? (SIA)
Alarm Cancel Verification? (SIA)
System Configuration
Real Time Clock?
Temporal Bell?
On-Board Triggers? 1 1 1 0
Additional Features
Broadband Internet Communications?
Interactive Phone Support? (Built-in)
WiFi Alarm Communications? -
LTE Alarm Communications?
Dual-Path IP/LTE Communications?
Cellular AT&T LTE?
Cellular Verizon LTE?
Cellular Bell LTE (for Canada)?
Z-Wave Connectivity for Locks, Lighting, Energy Management and More? (Requires 5800ZBRIDGE)
X-10 Home Automation?
"Night" Arming?
Configurable Zone Type?
Convenience Features
Total Connect Version? TC 2.0 TC 2.0 TC 2.0 TC 2.0
Single Button Arming?
Quick Exit?
Viewable Event Log at Keypad?
Time & Date Display?
Auto Arm/Disarm? (Arm Stay Only) (Arm Stay Only) (Arm Stay Only) (Arm Stay Only)
Graphic Keypad Support? 2 x 16 Alpha Graphic Touchscreen Graphic Touchscreen 8 Lyric Keypads

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