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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring
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Summary of Interactive Monitoring Services?


Alarm transmissions are made using Contact ID or SIA format and can be sent to the GEOARM Central Station via two paths for redundancy. Primarily signals will be transmitted via Wifi, IP and/or cellular paths, and if down, over the redundant backup path that is in place. Alarm signals such as open/close, trouble, supervisory, latch-key, and monitoring of special devices, can be routed directly to our Central Station or the DIYer only.


Notifications for alarm, supervisory, trouble, and open/close signals are provided. Notifications by text and email identify the alarm system address, alarm signal and zone, and alarm signal description. Notifications usually arrive to your customers within about five seconds. It is easy to stay informed with alerts when they happen at your home and business, while not focusing on it too much!

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