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What are IpDatatel Alula Interactive Monitoring Services?

Smart Automation - Zone Control - User Management - Video Surveillance

Automation Control
Lights, Locks, Thermostats

Take control of your compatible smart automation devices. Interact with your smart IpDatatel security system (powered by Alula) and turn on/off your lights and set smart schedules to automate the occurrence. Lock and unlock your front door, or any door you choose. Easily control your thermostat for all times of the year and more!

Zone Control
Custom Configurations

This feature uses zones in coordination with armed modes and zone configurations to determine how your IpDatatel Alula-compatible security system responds when a sensor or detector is triggered. You can customize your zone configurations to your particular needs.

User Control
Defined Roles

Add new users within seconds. Allow full or limited control with selective access configuration. Even have the ability to establish temporary accounts for service companies or visiting family members.

Video Surveillance
Safe Storage

See who is at the front door with the IpDatatel Alula video doorbell camera or integrated video surveillance cameras. Much like the commonly known Ring Video Doorbell, the IpDatatel Alula Video Doorbell and integrated video surveillance cameras are easy-to-use and affordable. Now you can keep an eye on your home or business with the comfort of knowing the video is securely stored and can be retrieved from anywhere.