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Below is a list of all add-ons available to your customers. Please note that some features may be restricted due to the modem's firmware version.

Voice Notifications for Alarms
Receive automated phone notifications for alarm events.

Voice Notifications for Non-Alarms
Receive automated phone notifications for non-alarm sensor activity, including door openings, motion detection, etc.

Scheduled Arm/Disarm Collapse
Create a schedule to arm or disarm the system at preset times each day.

Sensor Activity Monitoring (for 5 sensors)
See when specific door and window sensors open and close, and when motion sensors detect activity, even when the system is not armed.

Pro Video: 4 cameras, 1000 clips (Online/Uploads)
Up to 4 cameras with 1,000 clips of storage and 1,000 clips/month bandwidth.

Pro Video PLUS: 4 cameras, 1000 clips (Online/Uploads)
4 additional cameras and 5,000 clips of Extra Video Storage (Online / Uploads)

Weather to the Panel
Receive current weather and multi-day weather forecast displayed on compatible security panel screens and keypads.

Control lights and appliances remotely. Create custom rules to automatically turn lights and appliances on/off based on a schedule, when a specific sensor is triggered or when a specific system event occurs, such as arming/disarming.

Control thermostats remotely and create custom schedules to set temperature based on time of day, day of week and status of the security system. Receive real-time notifications when a thermostat setting is changed or the temperature goes out of range.

Control door locks remotely, view lock status, create lock rules and receive notifcations when a lock is accessed by a specific user.

Enterprise Notices
Choose from a set of default messages to be displayed locally at the panel. This feature does not allow personalized messages to be sent to panel.

Severe Weather Alerts
Receive alerts from the National Weather Service (tornado, tsunami or fire) directly on the security panel screen. Available within the United States.

Image Sensor Alarms
Automatically capture and upload up to 5 motion-activated images per alarm event, across all Image Sensors.

Image Sensor Plus
Includes the features of the Image Sensor Alarms add-on plugs image capture for non-alarm events, including disarm, daily view and on-demand Peek-In images. Includes 40 uploads/month. Alarm-triggered uploads count toward this limit but are not subject to it.

Image Sensor Extras
Available as an add-on to the Image Sensor Plus plan, this plan allows additional images to be uploaded per month. Images can be purchased in increments of 20 uploads up to a maximum of 140 uploads.

Enterprise Security Console
Commercial customers can view location status, create notifications and manage user codes across multiple locations. Organize locations into one or multiple groups that can be viewed by a single login.

Energy Monitoring
Track energy usage for the whole home and for individual energy-consuming devices. Allows for measurement of actual impact of energy-saving features.

Identity Theft Protection
Receive proactive alerts of potential problems, around-the-clock assistance and full identity restoration if a theft incident occurs.

Green Button
If an electricity provider supports Green Button, customers can upload their data for easy viewing of household energy usage over time in both kilowatt hours and dollars.

Garage Door Control
Remotely manage and control garage doors as well as view garage door status, receive garage door alerts and automatically close when the system is armed.

Ensure easy independent living with daily activity monitoring and real-time notifications. Receive alerts when no activity is detected or the bed is unoccupied. Track behaviors and see trends over time.

Lutron Integration
Integration with any supported Lutron product. Note: To control Lutron lights, both the Lights and Lutron Integration add-ons must be added to the account.

LiftMaster Integration
Integration with any supported LiftMaster product, including MyQ Internet Gateway and MyQ Garage. Note: To control LiftMaster garage door openers, Garage Doors and LiftMaster Integration add-ons must be added to the account.

Video 24x7 (per SVR)
Enables support for the Stream Video Recorder (SVR).

Water Management
Monitor and prevent water damage. Remotely check the status of water sensors and sump pumps, open and close valves and receive alerts when water is detected.

UL Commercial / Commercial Supervision
Enable 180 second UL-1610/ULC-S304 supervision between the control panel and Central Station. Requires a compatible system.

Enterprise Energy
View and manage thermostat settings across multiple locations. Create a single high/low temperature alert that covers all locations.

Doorbell Cameras
1 doorbell camera and 400 clips/downloads per month.

Unexpected Activity Alerts
Based on learned activity patterns, receive notifications whenever unexpected activity occurs.

1 Hour Supervision
Monitor panel connectivity with signal supervision between the control panel and to know when a panel is not responding. Checks the signal once every hour.

6 Hour Supervision
Monitor panel connectivity with signal supervision between the control panel and to know when a panel is not responding. Checks the signal once every 6 hours.

Basic Doorbell: 1 doorbell camera, 400 clips (online/uploads)
Standalone plan that supports 1 doorbell camera and 400 clips/downloads per month.

Cancel/Verify Alarm
Allow customers to verify or cancel alarms through their mobile phone.
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