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▼ Total Connect 1.0 BlackBerry Interactive App ▼

AlarmNet app is available for BlackBerry phone. AlarmNet Total Connect intuitive and elegant software app interface turns your BlackBerry phone into a user-friendly remote monitoring tool which allows for complete control of your home or business Honeywell security system at any time from anywhere.

How to Download the Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect 1.0 BlackBerry App:

Step 1:
-Log into your Total Connect account (
-Click on the "Configure Mobile" Tab

Step 2:
-Enter phone number in the first available field
-Enter a "SMS System Abbreviation Name" of your choice
-Click the Save Button on the top right

Step 3:
-Mobile Phone Setup for your phone number appears below
-Select your "Carrier"
-Select "Device" (Select Your BlackBerry Device)
-Enter "Mobile Activation Code" (12345678)
-Enter "Mobile PIN" twice (Alarm System Master User Code)
-Check "Mobile PIN same as User Code"
-Click the Save button on the bottom right

Step 4:
-Next to your phone number, check "Enable Mobile Total Connect"
-Click the Save button on the top right

Step 5:
-Click the "Send Installation URL" button below the "Device" Field
-You should receive a Text Message with a link to Install the TotalConnect App
-If you do not receive the text message, or the link does not work, navigate to this address on your BlackBerry browser:
-The first time you access TotalConnect 1.0, you must enter your phone number, and Mobile Activation Code (12345678)

The Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect 1.0 BlackBerry App Features:

  • Send commands to arm or disarm your system remotely.
  • See which doors and windows are open in real time.
  • Instantly be notified of recent motion activity at your property.
  • Watch live video feeds and view stored video clips from your security cameras.
  • Access a complete, searchable history of system and alarm events.
  • Check on system status and motion activity at your property.
  • Change your thermostat settings, lights and locks remotely.

Of course you can also receive real-time email and text message notifications right to your BlackBerry for any system event that matters to you.

Use the Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect 1.0 BlackBerry App to Find Out When:

  • The kids get home from school.
  • The housekeeper/babysitter arrives and leaves.
  • The dog walker comes (or forgets to!).
  • A water leak erupts in the laundry room.
  • The garage door is left open for too long.
  • The liquor cabinet or medicine cabinet opens.
  • The pool gate is left open.
  • A safe or a sensitive cabinet is compromised.
  • A temperature (or thermostat) setting is changed.

With GeoArm's AlarmNet Total Connect 1.0 interactive monitoring services, you will also have immediate knowledge when someone logs into your account, or if the system is disarmed and by whom.

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