2GIG-PIR1 Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Detector

2GIG-PIR1 - Wireless Motion Detector
2GIG-PIR1 - Wireless Motion Detector
Item# 2GIG-PIR1
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2GIG-PIR1 Product Description:

The 2GIG-PIR1 is a wireless motion detector that features a wide 50' X 30' foot area of coverage. With the 2GIG-PIR1, you can even arm your 2GIG security system with pets in your house because the sensor includes passive infrared technology for pet immunity up to 55 pounds. Additionally, the PIR1 is tamper proof and you will receive immediate alerts if anyone ever tries to tamper with the detector or break it.

Product Features:

  • Dual element sensor with 50' by 50' foot range
  • 45 lbs. pet immune
  • 90 degree look down
  • Lithium battery
  • 345 MHz
  • ETL Listed

Q & A's : 2GIG PIR1 Wireless PIR Motion Detector

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