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What is the Installer Code?

The "installer code" is a unique 4-digit code that many security companies use to program their customer control panels. This code is used for the purpose of accessing the programming mode settings, and to effectively lock others from doing so. If you own your security equipment, then we recommend that you contact your previous alarm company to kindly ask them for installer code. With this code we can unlock your 2GIG panel's software to redirect what phone number it should dial to contact our central monitoring station . In some cases, depending if your previous monitoring is unwilling to provide the installer code to you, then please ask them to default the 2GIG alarm control panel back to the original factory settings. From there we can reprogram the panel and get you up for our low-price alarm monitoring services.

•If unlocked, we should be able to reprogram the existing 2GIG security system to dial our professional central station.
•If locked, please contact your previous alarm company and nicely request the lock-out installer code.

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