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Basic 2GIG
Commercial Services

Gold 2GIG
Commercial Services
Security System
  Record Data on Each-and-Every Security System Event!
Arming Supervision
Arming/Disarming Reports
Commercial Reports
Sensor Activity Reports
Wireless Alarm System
Communication Features
  Send Secure Cellular Alarm Signals to the Central Station!
Wireless Signal
User Code
Alarm Control
  Easy Apps for Android, BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone!
Remote Arm/Disarm
Control Panel
24/7 Sensor Activity Up to 50 Sensors Up to 50 Sensors
Image Sensor
Image Sensor
  Receive Text/Email Notifications of Events When They Happen!
System Events
No-Show Alerts
Arming Reminders
(Intelligent Reminders)
Sensor Left Open
Energy Management
Home Automation
  Remotely Control Your Home Automation from Anywhere!
Light Control
Lock Control
Thermostat Control
Garage Door Control
Water Management
LiftMaster® Integration
Lutron® Integration
to the Panel
Severe Weather Alerts
  View Your Security Cameras at Anytime!
Live Video Monitoring
Customizable Video Clip
Recording and Alerts
Video Clip Playback
Remote Video Storage

What are Interactive Commercial Business Monitoring Services? is one of GeoArm's premier interactive business alarm monitoring partners. Feature-rich, the app allows users to make changes to their 2GIG business security system such as arming and disarming from their phone or computer, viewing their business through a camera, or seeing the status of sensors. Much like Honeywell's Total Connect, for those who are familiar, the app can give peace of mind to any user who is not at the business, but wants to know that everything at the business is okay. Whether it's complex energy management, or smart business automation options, will bring your 2GIG security system into the modern age.

Business Automation - Energy Management - Insights - Geo-Services - Smart Access Control - Video

Business Automation
Lights, Locks, Thermostats

Take control of your compatible smart automation devices. Interact with your smart business security system and turn on/off your lights and set smart schedules to automate the occurrence. Lock and unlock your front door, or any door you choose. Easily control your thermostat for all times of the year and more!

Business Energy Management
Save on the Electricity Bill helps your customers reduce energy waste and enhance liability control. Owner's can remotely control temperature settings and will know instantly if someone has adjusted the thermostat. Lighting schedules keep businesses safe and well lit, reducing liability and risk.

Business Insights
Optimize Productivity

The robust platform provides the critical information needed to help run your business more efficiently. Business insights deliver actionable data to help your customers make smarter decisions around staffing, energy use and more - all across several locations. Know the busiest hours of business. Maximize staffing efficiency. See whether the business is regularly opening on time. Receive notifications if employees are arriving late or leaving early.

Location-Based Alerts

This feature lets you create location-based alerts and rules based on the location of one or more phones, or "Geo-Devices". When activated, your phone will periodically report its location to, which will use the rules that have been set up you on the account. Automate location-based rules such as; turn my smart thermostat "On" when my phone is detected within 10 miles of my business.

Smarter Access Control
Infrastructure Management

This fully integrated solution allows owner's to control, track and manage access to their properties. With powerful user management software, remote door control, and scan-to-add card serial detection, owner's can easily manage a wide range of access control and intrusion setups.

Video Surveillance
See What Your Missing

With a range of commercial-grade security cameras, you can flexibly address the monitoring needs of business properties. Owners can view live streaming video from anywhere and receive instant video alerts on important activity. On-site and cloud-recording ensure your video feeds are secure and tamper-proof.