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Videofied XTO-GSM Wireless Video-Verification Outdoor Cellular Security System

Videofied XTO-GSM Wireless Video-Verification Outdoor Cellular Security System
Videofied XTO-GSM Wireless Video-Verification Outdoor Cellular Security System
List Price: $1,533.47
Your Price: $1,022.32
Videofied Wireless Outdoor Control Panel (XTO-IP630):  Wireless Vertical Alpha Alarm Keypad (WMA621):  Wireless Outdoor MotionViewer Camera (OMV601MB):  Wireless Door/Window Contact (IDC601):  Remote 4-Button Keyfob (RC601):  Wireless Smoke Detector (ISD601):  Wireless Indoor Siren (SE601):  Wireless Outdoor Siren (OSX601):  Add Videofied Dual-Path Monitoring?:  Upgrade to Unlimited Clips?: 

Videofied XTOIP630-DUALKIT Product Description:

The Videofied XTO-IP630 is a wireless, battery operated outdoor XT control panel that is designed for securing outdoor and large commercial applications which have adequate cellular reception or an Ethernet/IP connection available. With integrated high-gain RF and cellular antennas, this panel is perfect for protecting outdoor storage lots, critical infrastructure, remote sites and large warehouses. When battery-powered and communicating over cell, the Videofied system is completely portable and can be moved to new locations (construction sites, vacant homes, storage lots) as the security needs change.

The XTO-IP630, along with all Videofied devices, utilize patented S2View® - Spread Spectrum, AES Encrypted Wireless technology, providing optimum signal integrity and security. Bi-directional RF communication paths between all system devices and the system control panel assure high signal reliability. Integrated RF and Cellular connections allow for addition of external antennas for increased performance. The panel supervises every device (excluding the remote keyfob) to validate current open/close state, tamper condition, serial number, date of manufacture, firmware revision, and battery status.

Please note, for system interactivity with VideoApp4All or another smartphone app, Videofied control panels require a power supply (PP4) and Ethernet for communication.

Product Features:

  • Up to 24 wireless zones/devices
  • Video Verification - video resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, 0 lux sensitivity, 5-frames per second for approx. 10 seconds total recording time. 220K MPEG file.
  • Programming - An alphanumeric keypad (XMA621 or WMB621) or the Frontel Installer Software (with the TMT USB Programming Kit) is required for programming and maintenance
  • Communication to devices - 915 MHz RF (military grade)
  • RF Range - 500-1500 ft (varies by environment, amount of obstructions like metal, earth and concrete)
  • Mapping feature to trigger a video upon activation of a programmable input
  • 3 programmable inputs
  • 2 programmable outputs to activate third party devices on site (smoke, gates, strobes, sirens, etc...)
  • 2 dedicated on-board connectors to extend the 3G coverage and the radio coverage
  • 4 Areas with 2 special arming mode and partitions
  • 20 user codes or Badges
  • 4,000 Events history log
  • Operating temperature range : -20/+140°F (-30/+60°C)
  • Power : PP1 (4 D-Cell Lithium batteries) or PP4 (12V DC power supply with backup Alkaline batteries; required if using Ethernet connection or using programmable inputs and/or outputs)
  • Arming Options : Alpha keypad (XMA621, WMB621), Prox Tag Arming Station (BR651), Remote (RC601), schedule, VideoApp4All or other smartphone app (conditional, see Notes), existing burglar alarm panel relay trigger to Videofied arming inputs (when panel is in Xtender mode)
  • Built-in RJ45 for Ethernet transmission to report to your Monitoring Station in the Frontel protocol
  • Built-in 3G cellular transmitter to report to your Monitoring Station in the Frontel protocol


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