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Wireless Video Alarm Monitoring Services for Existing Videofied Security Systems by GEOARM®.

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What are GEOARM Videofied Alarm Monitoring Services?

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Research has shown that over 98% of alarm dispatches are sent to false alarms. This high false alarm statistic wastes police departments time and tax payers dollars. Call verification has been enacted in many states and local jurisdictions to combat the false alarm problem. Call verification was implemented as an attempt to verify an alarm signal prior to sending the police. All central alarm monitoring stations, including GeoArm's are to place one or more phone calls to their protected premises, to try and confirm the alarm before they can dispatch the police. Unfortunately, there are limitations in using call verification, as it delays the alarm dispatch procedure when seconds are of the essence. For example, if you are an alarm monitored client and you receive an alarm call from your alarm monitoring company, while you are not at the protected premise, you really have no way of knowing if the alarm is real. You will end up having the alarm monitoring company dispatch the police without ever confirming the alarm resulting in continued false alarms. Additionally, if you can not be reached, time was wasted in the alarm dispatch procedure which could be difference between a burglary or successful apprehension.

GeoArm offers video verification alarm monitoring as a way of verifying alarms without calling the alarm monitored client. With this revolutionary alarm monitoring service, a 10-second video clip of what set off the alarm is sent to GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station. After reviewing the video clip, the central station operator either deems it a the clip as a false alarm or is able to forgo call verification and dispatch the police immediately as a robbery in progress. This type of rapid alarm dispatch increases police efficiency, reduces false alarms along with the fees associated with them, and provides the customer with considerably faster response times.

Different from DIY video surveillance, video verification alarm monitoring does not give you the ability to view your protected location remotely. Instead, it is event based monitoring meant to give the central station operators the ability to accelerate the police dispatch process and result a higher probability of a criminal apprehension. GeoArm's video verification alarm monitoring service protects against burglar, panic and fire alarm events.

Real Burglaries Captured by Videofied Security System:

GeoArm's Videofied Video Verification Monitoring Advantages:

  • Nationwide Video Verification Alarm Monitoring Services
  • Video Verification Central Station Monitoring Service
  • Up to 24 Indoor or Outdoor Wireless Motion Cameras
  • Priority Police Response
  • Reduced False Alarms & Fees
  • Unlimited Video Alarm Dispatch Signals
  • Greater Chance of Criminal Apprehension
  • Privacy Ensured (No Remote Operator Look-In Capability)
  • Flexible Communication Paths (Cellular or Internet)
  • 24/7/365 Live Professional Operator Dispatch
  • Free Central Station Alarm Monitoring Programming
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Discount (Savings Up to 20%)
  • No Expensive Onsite Service Technician Needed
  • Short Term Alarm Monitoring Plans Available (1-Year)

  • Videofied Cellular Video-Verified Alarm Monitoring Service
    NO-TERM @ $25/month
    Save Your Money: $99.00
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    Videofied Internet Video-Verified Alarm Monitoring Service
    NO-TERM @ $20/month
    Save Your Money: $99.00
    GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
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