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T280R - Honeywell Wireless Temperature Probe (for 5821 Transmitter)

T280R - Honeywell Wireless Temperature Probe (for 5821 Transmitter)
T280R - Honeywell Wireless Temperature Probe (for 5821 Transmitter)
Item# T280R
List Price: $21.36
Your Price: $14.24

Honeywell T280R Product Description:

The Honeywell T280R is a temperature probe intended for use with Honeywell 5821, T280 or TS300 sensors. The T280ZR probe is used to detect temperatures remotely from its main temperture sensor. The T280R features a resistance value of the probe at both extremes: -55C: 9,637,300 ohms. +25°C: 100,000 ohms. +50°C: 36,024 ohms. +150°C: 1,861 ohms. Accuracy: 0.2° C or 32.36°F.

To mount the T280R or TS300R, it can be extended for 15' up to 300' max. using shielded 24AWG or larger cable. Insure shield is grounded for noise immunity. Any other gauge wire at any distance longer than specified can cause unpredictable results. The only difference between the TS300R and T280R is that the TS300R comes with a mounting strap and screw to secure the probe in place and T280R does not.

The T280R probe is water-resistant, meaning it will tolerate some water. It is not waterproof. It cannot be submerged.

Product Features:
  • Impedance/Resistance
  • Mounting Specifications
  • Temperature Detection
  • Water-Resistant

Honeywell T280R Product Specifications:

  • Resistance @ 25°C: 100 KU
  • Tolerance (0°C to 70°C): 0.2°C
  • Dissipation Constant (of thermistor only): 1mW/°C min. (in still air)
  • Time Constant (of thermistor only): 10 seconds max. (in still air)
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C to +60°C max.
  • Cable Type: 22-24 AWG, 7 strand, 2 cond. w/outer jacket
    Strip jacket 1" ± 0.25".
    Strip conductors 0.25" ± 1" 0.062".
  • Cable Jacket and Probe Color: Grey

Honeywell T280R Compatible:

• 5821
• T280
• TS300

Q & A's : Honeywell T280R Wireless Temperature Probe (for 5821 Transmitter)

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