DIY Home & Business Security Safes

GeoArm offers free shipping straight to your door on all Sentry safes. For safes over 100 lbs., a "White Glove" service is offered where a Sentry full service carrier will place the safe in a room of your choice.

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Security Safes
from $61.99
Media Safes
from $63.99
Fireproof Safes
from $63.99
Waterproof Safes
from $63.99
Commercial Safes
from $649.99
Electronic Safes
from $79.99
Hidden Safes
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Biometric Safes
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Key Safes
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Home & Business Security Safes for the DIYer

GeoArm security safes protect your valuables by granting access to only authorized personnel. Our complete line of Sentry and GE security safes keep your business and home safe. Safeguard your property with GeoArm security safes, media safes, fireproof safes, waterproof safes, commercial safes, electronic safes, hidden safes, biometric safes and key safes.

Security Safes

X031 Sentry Security Safe
1170 Sentry Security Safe
X055 Sentry Security Safe
X075 Sentry Security Safe
X125 Sentry Security Safe
1710 Sentry Security Safe
OS3421 Sentry Security Safe
OS0810 Sentry Security Safe
6720 Sentry Security Safe
DA3930 Sentry Security Safe
OA5848 Sentry Security Safe
DA3930 Sentry Security Safe
D880 Sentry Security Safe
D888 Sentry Security Safe
EQ5433 Sentry Security Safe

Media Safes

F2300 Sentry Media Safe
1170 Sentry Media Safe
1710 Sentry Media Safe
F3300 Sentry Media Safe
U2101 Sentry Media Safe
OS3421 Sentry Media Safe
OS0810 Sentry Media Safe
6720 Sentry Media Safe
DA3930 Sentry Media Safe
OA5848 Sentry Media Safe
6000 Sentry Media Safe

Fireproof Safes

F2300 Sentry Fireproof Safe
1170 Sentry Fireproof Safe
1710 Sentry Fireproof Safe
F3300 Sentry Fireproof Safe
U2101 Sentry Fireproof Safe
OS3421 Sentry Fireproof Safe
OS0810 Sentry Fireproof Safe
6720 Sentry Fireproof Safe
DA3930 Sentry Fireproof Safe
OA5848 Sentry Fireproof Safe
6000 Sentry Fireproof Safe
TC8-331 Sentry Fireproof Safe
S6370 Sentry Fireproof Safe
S6770 Sentry Fireproof Safe
S8771 Sentry Fireproof Safe

Waterproof Safes

F2300 Sentry Waterproof Safe
7250 Sentry Waterproof Safe
F3300 Sentry Waterproof Safe
DA3930 Sentry Waterproof Safe
OA5848 Sentry Waterproof Safe

Commercial Safes

TC8-331 Sentry Commercial Safe
S6370 Sentry Commercial Safe
S6770 Sentry Commercial Safe
EQ5433 Sentry Commercial Safe
S8771 Sentry Commercial Safe

Electronic Safes

X055 Sentry Electronic Safe
X075 Sentry Electronic Safe
X125 Sentry Electronic Safe
DA3930 Sentry Electronic Safe
OA5848 Sentry Electronic Safe
TC8-331 Sentry Electronic Safe
S6770 Sentry Electronic Safe
S8771 Sentry Electronic Safe

Hidden Safes

7150 Sentry Hidden Safe
7250 Sentry Hidden Safe

Biometric Safes

DA3930 Sentry Biometric Safe

Key Safes

001882 GE KeySafe
001408 GE KeySafe
001413 GE KeySafe
001404 GE KeySafe
001860 GE KeySafe
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