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Qolsys Security Systems
Watch the Qolsys IQ Security System Video?

Qolsys IQ Features:

Disarm Photos

See a picture of who deactivates your system along with the day and time they did it.

Easy Arming

Arm in stay or away mode and easily add various options like silencing exit sounds, turning off entry delay or bypassing sensors.

Software Update

Get the latest software to make sure your panel stays fresh and up-to-date.

Light Control

View and control up to 30 lights or appliance modules, with compatibility for dimmer modules.

Lock Control

View and control up to 6 locks by locking or unlocking doors and check battery status in the home control app.

Smart Sockets

Control up to 18 Smart Sockets and view real time energy usage from the panel's interface.

Video FAQ's

Find answers to the most common questions with easy to watch videos inside the Help App.


Quickly change panel text voices from English to Spanish or French.


Simultaneous cellular and WiFi communication improve speed and provide intelligent redundancy.

Contact GEOARM Apps

Easily access GEOARM's contact information and read important messages directly from your panel.


Access and control up to 5 thermostats for intelligent energy management.

Visible Status

Panel LEDs illuminate red when armed, matching the icon and status bar.

Options to Maximize System

•Remote system arming/disarming
•Remote management of Z-Wave lights, thermostats and door locks
•View system status and history
•System notifications and alerts
•Control latchkey and no-activity alarms

Qolsys Security Systems from GEOARM Security,