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NX-1308E - GE NetworX 8-Zone LED Alarm Keypad with Door

NX-1308E - GE NetworX 8-Zone LED Alarm Keypad w/Door Cover
NX-1308E - GE NetworX 8-Zone LED Alarm Keypad w/Door Cover
Item# NX-1308E
List Price: $77.94
Your Price: $51.96

NX-1308E GE NetworX LED 8-Zone Alarm Keypad Product Description:
The NX-1308E GE NetworX LED alarm keypad controls the full line of GE NetworX security systems. The NX-1308E is made of heavy-duty white ABS plastic and backed by the GE brand name. The keypad has a swing-down door to hide the function keys when not in use to give your keypad a sleek appearance. You also have the option to remove the swing-down door if that would make system control easier. The NX-1308E will control up to 8-zones on your NetworX security system.
NX-1308E GE NetworX LED Alarm Keypad PDFs for Additional Information:
Data Sheet for GE NetworX Alarm Keypad (NX-1308E)
Data Sheet for GE NetworX NX-6V2 Alarm Keypad (NX-1308E)
User Guide for GE NetworX NX-6 Alarm Keypad (NX-1308E)


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