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Nebraska Alarm Monitoring Permits for Emergency Dispatch Services.

Need an Nebraska Alarm Permit?

Posted below is information regarding any alarm permitting requirements that has been placed on your Nebraska home or business address by your local authority having jurisdiction. If applicable you will need to follow these requirements to either install an Nebraska alarm at your property or to have emergency dispatch services to that address.

Nebraska County(s) That May Require an Alarm Permit:

L: Lancaster

Nebraska City(s) That May Require an Alarm Permit:

A: Agnew
B: Bennet, Buda
C: Centerville, Cheney
D: Davey, Denton
E: Elk, Emerald
F: Firth
G: Grant
H: Hallam, Hickman, Highland, Holland
K: Kramer
L: Lancaster, Lincoln, Little Salt
M: Malcolm, Martell, Middle Creek, Mill
N: Nemaha, North Bluff
O: Oak, Olive Branch
P: Panama, Prairie Home, Princeton
R: Raymond, Roca, Rock Creek, Rokeby
S: Saltillo, South Pass, Sprague, Stevens Creek, Stockton
W: Walton, Waverly, West Oak
Y: Yankee Hill

Questions and Answers: Nebraska Alarm Monitoring Permits

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