AlarmNet Internet Alarm System Monitoring & Interactive Total Connect Services

AlarmNet Internet Alarm Monitoring & Total Connect Service
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Top 10 Reasons to Switch Your AlarmNet Internet Alarm Monitoring to GeoArm.

  • Say Goodbye to Hidden Charges!
  • You Own Your Equipment, No Lock Out Codes!
  • Short-Term Monthly Service Renewals!
  • Never Issued a Monthly Price Increase!
  • No Credit Checks or SSN Requirements!

If you have Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect Video Surveillance Cameras, and have an AlarmNet Internet Alarm Communicator, you should order the Total Connect Video & AlarmNet Internet Monitoring Service.

Honeywell IP Alarm Communicators are designed to work plug-and-play with a Broadband IP Connection.
For Advanced Router Configurations, you may need to Contact your Network Administrator.

Use the AlarmNet internet alarm communicator that is already installed on your security system, and have GeoArm’s central alarm monitoring station monitor it for less. Continue to use your security system the same way you always have, while paying a lower monthly alarm bill.

Honeywell’s AlarmNet Network Control Center (NCC) has been offering reliable alternatives to phone line alarm communications since 1986. The AlarmNet network is backed by the dependability of the Honeywell brand and provides extensive coverage throughout the United States and Canada.

After the internet alarm signal is sent from your AlarmNet internet alarm communicator, it is processed immediately by the AlarmNet NCC and passed through to GeoArm's UL listed central alarm monitoring station. A GeoArm central station operator then interprets the internet alarm signal and dispatches accordingly.

Compatible Honeywell AlarmNet Internet Alarm Communicators:

If your AlarmNet alternative alarm communicator is not listed, it may be that you have an AlarmNet alarm communicator that is compatible with AlarmNet cellular alarm monitoring or AlarmNet dual path alarm monitoring. If you need help in determining which AlarmNet alarm communicator you have, please call 1-877-443-6276 (option 3) to speak with a GeoArm technician.

Switch to GeoArm AlarmNet Internet Alarm Monitoring Today and Save!

Enrolling your AlarmNet IP alarm communicator with GeoArm is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Cancel your monitoring plan with your current central alarm monitoring station so that your AlarmNet internet alarm communicator will be released and ready to be reactivated.

2. Choose a term length (3 Years, 1 Year or Month to Month) and decide whether or not to add interactive alarm monitoring for an additional $5/month. Interactive alarm monitoring is AlarmNet's Total Connect service which allows you to control your Honeywell security system remotely and receive instant text/email notifications for up to (8) different system events.

3. Find the MAC address, MAC CRC and product type of your AlarmNet internet alarm communicator by opening it and looking at the white label on the circuit board (see picture below). If you have a LYNX security system, this information will be found inside your LYNX alarm control panel.

After ordering, you will need to supply GeoArm with this information by filling out the AlarmNet customer information form. Your order confirmation email will have a link to this form.

Nationwide Discount AlarmNet Internet Alarm Monitoring:

GeoArm Nationwide Internet Alarm System & AlarmNet Monitoring Services Map

GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station is licensed to monitor security systems throughout the United States, Canada and more.

When Will My GeoArm AlarmNet Internet Alarm Monitoring Service Begin?

Assuming your internet alarm communicator has been released by your previous alarm monitoring company, the activation process can take as little as 1-3 business days from the time that we have received your MAC address and MAC CRC number. The term of your alarm monitoring plan will begin as soon as your AlarmNet internet alarm communicator has been activated with GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station.

GeoArm Alarm Signal Testing (Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 5:00pm ET)

Make sure to call GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station to put your account on test while you replace the batteries of your Honeywell security devices. This test is done free of charge for our monitoring clients.

1. Call GeoArm at 1(877)443-6276.
2. Give GeoArm agent your name, address, account number (CSID) and false alarm password.
3. Ask us to place your security system on test mode for 1 hour.
4. For the next hour you can cause alarms without the police, fire, or other departments being notified.
5. Please arm your security system and wait for exit delay (15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 seconds delay) to expire.
6. Open your door and windows.
7. Walk in front of your motion detectors.
8. If you have an emergency button such as a panic button, go and press it.
9. Repeat steps 7, 8 as many times as desired.
10. Disarm your system using your keypad or keyfob.
11. After doing a complete test, contact GeoArm at 1(877)443-6276.
12. Call GeoArm to verify your alarm signals were received, Ask GeoArm to place your account off test mode.

In the event that your system is not working properly, please call us at 1(877)443-6276 to have an alarm technician set up a remote service call to solve the issue.

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