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IS2500SN - Honeywell Intellisense V-Plex Motion Detector

IS2500SN - Honeywell Intellisense V-Plex Motion Detector
IS2500SN - Honeywell Intellisense V-Plex Motion Detector
Item# CK-IS2500SN
List Price: $71.59
Your Price: $47.73

IS2500SN Honeywell V-Plex Motion Detector Product Description:
The IS2500SN is designed to be used with Honeywell control panels that support V-Plex serial number polling loop devices. The IS2500SN is a great addition to any compatible Honeywell wired or hybrid security system. Honeywell's IS2500SN is a versatile, feature-rich motion detector that saves you time and money with its easy installation. Automatic walk test saves installers a trip to disable the LED on each unit. Additional benefits include 45° terminal blocks for easy installation, a quicker warm-up time, a panel-initiated walk-test and faster system performance with the Smart Contact mode is critical for video and access control integration.

Smart Contact is an enhanced V-Plex protocol, allowing the security system to communicate with sensors differently. Smart Contact mode works with panels that are enabled for Smart Contact (Vista-128FBP and Vista-250FBP). Some of the key features of Smart Contact mode are:
  • System Communication - When the system is disarmed, the alarm control panel sends a message to the motion detector to go to sleep, as any motion event will be ignored. When the system is armed, the panel wakes up the motion sensor and it begins reporting events. This helps speed system performance for larger system with many motion (malls, schools, office buildings). In these panels, each zone can be individually enabled as a Smart Contact. It it's crticial to capture every even of a motion sensor to tag video, for example, Smart Contact mode can be turned off for that zone.
  • Remote Walk Test Enable - Going to the panel, you can control Motion Walk Test (turning on the LED) from the keypad. This helps to perform the system check out after installation as well as any regular maintenance of the system. This saves time climbing ladders to enable and disable LED Walk Test.
  • High Traffic Inhibit - This is a feature that can be enabled for panels that do not support Smart Contact mode. The feature helps reduce V-Plex bus traffixc on larger systems by randomizing the time between alarm messages. Initial alarms are sent with no delay, but subsequent alarms are delayed between 5 and 15 seconds (similar to the three minute inhibit on wireless).
  • Enhanced False Alarm Prevention Features - The IS2500SN offers more than the standard features that protect against false alarms due to RF signals, electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress.
  • Self-Testing for Consistently Reliable Operation - Concurrent diagnostics assure optimum performance and reliability. Self-testing is performed upon power-up and at least once every hour on the PIR, PCB circuitry and temperature compensation circuitry, turning on the LED if there is a problem.
  • Sturdy, Attractive Housing - The sleek, sturdy housing fits into a variety of building styles and blends with any decor. ABS plastic is used for shock and impact protection. The housing offers a convenienct wiring channel, knockouts for mounting and wiring and easy access to wiring terminals.
  • Uniform Sensitivity Optics - The custom-designed Fresnel lens provides the same sensitivity for human targets at the edge of the pattern as exists directly in front of the sensor, giving the IS2500SN consistent coverage throughout the protected area.
IS2500SN Honeywell V-Plex Motion Detector Features:
  • Global Compliance - IS2500 designs meet many of the world's motion detector standards, including the new EN50131-1.

  • White Light Immunity - A patented black bug guard reduces false detects due to lights by 15%, by providing 6,500 lux of white light immunity. This helps reduce false alarm problems cause by lights, flashlights or reflective object.

  • Patented Mirror Look Down - Provides better coverage up close with multiple zones in the look down area.

  • Flexible Mountings - The IS2500SN family mounts on walls, in corners or on ceilings with the SMB10 family of swivel brackets.

IS2500SN Honeywell V-Plex Motion Detector PDFs for Additional Information:
Data Sheet for Honeywell V-Plex Motion Detector (IS2500SN)
Sales Brochure for Honeywell V-Plex Motion Detector (IS2500SN)


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