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TG-1 Express - $0-Down Telular Universal 3G/4G GSM Cellular Alarm Communicator

TG-1 Express - $0-Down Telular Telguard 3G/4G GSM Cellular Alarm Communicator
TG-1 Express - $0-Down Telular Telguard 3G/4G GSM Cellular Alarm Communicator
List Price: $143.75
GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
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Telular TG-1 Express 4G GSM Communicator:

Free Security System Programming
Free Security System Technical Support
Free Security System Shipping

Telguard model TG-1 Express provides the ideal solution for residential applications. The TG-1 Express transmits full data from security and fire system over the cellular network to GeoArm's nationwide digital alarm monitoring station.
Today's modern family commonly chooses to use their cell phone or VoIP service instead of paying for a traditional phone line. This growing trend makes what was once the most common form of communication for the security system unavailable in many installations. When there is no telephone service available from customers home. Telguard model TG-1 Express ensures that critical alarm information reaches the central station.

Product Features:

  • Supports virtually all alarm formats using dial capture for universal panel compatibility.
  • Features two-way voice support and Telguard Interactive.
  • Reduces install time by exclusively using the power and backup battery from the panel.
  • Power and dial capture over a single cable for greater flexibility.
  • Leverages the GSM technology that operates over the 3G and 4G networks.
  • Falls back to 2G GSM if a 3G/4G network is not available.

Consumers Less Power than a Keypad:

By utilizing the control panel for power, the TG-1 Express eliminates the need for additional AC power or a backup battery. The TG-1 Express consumes less power than a standard keypad (25mA @ 12V), thereby simplifying system design and load calculations.

Listin-In and Two-Way Voice Support:

Telguard now offers support listen-in and two-way voice verification directly over cellular. The TG-1 Express provides a robust, UL listed system for passing voice and data reliably to the GeoArm central station.

Featuring Remote Alarm Control Services:

Designed to allow consumers to remotely arm, disarm and receive system notifications at an affordable price. Telguard interactive is now available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms. The free app comes ready to activate with the TG-1 Express, making compatible with virtually all residential alarm control panels.

UL Residential Listings
S545 - Residential Fire
985 - Household fire warning systems
1023 - Household burglar alarm systems
C1023 - Residential burglar alarm system

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Ismael, Florida ★★★★★

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Patrick, Texas ★★★★★

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