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$0-Down Wireless Security System Kits
Honeywell L3000
Honeywell L5210
Honeywell L7000
Honeywell Lyric

Compare the Honeywell LYNX Wireless Control Panels?

Honeywell LYNX Plus
L3000 $0-Down
Wireless Security System
(Total Connect 1.0)

Honeywell LYNX Touch
L5210 $0-Down
Wireless Security System
(Total Connect 2.0)

Honeywell LYNX Touch
L7000 $0-Down
Wireless Security System
(Total Connect 2.0)
Number of Wireless Zones? 40 64 80
Number of User Codes? 8 32 48
Graphic Touch Screen?
PSTN Communications?
VoIP Communications?
Internet Communications?
Wifi Communications?
Cellular 3G Communications?
Cellular 4G Communications?
Dual-Path Communications?
Burglary Monitoring?
Medical/Panic Monitoring?
Fire/Smoke Monitoring?
Residential & Commercial?
Freeze Monitoring?
Flood Monitoring?
Carbon Monoxide?
Total Connect Version: 1.0 2.0 2.0
Z-Wave Home Automation?
X-10 Home Automation?
Remote Arming/Disarming?
Text/Email Notifications?
Remote Alarm Control?
Live Video Surveillance?
Motion-Based Recordings?
Text/Email Video Clips?
Remote Video Control?

Q & A's : $0-Down Wireless Security Systems

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