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Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Services - GEOARM Security®

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Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Takeovers
Telephone Lines
from $15 a Month!
Cellular Towers
from $35 a Month!

Learn More About Fire Alarm Monitoring?

GEOARM has been monitoring fire alarm systems throughout the United States, Canada and outlying minor islands for over 35 years. By signing up with GEOARM, not only is your fire alarm system monitored 24/7/365 by our nationwide Underwriter Laboratories (UL) listed fire alarm monitoring central station, but you will also have access to our staff of fire alarm technicians that have countless years of experience. Have peace of mind knowing, GEOARM operates in a drug free workplace and all of our employees have been drug tested, background checked, drug tested and certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). As a GEOARM monitored client, you will always receive timely telephonic support whenever there is an issue with your fire alarm system.

This fire alarm monitoring service covers the central station monitoring of fire alarm signals only. GEOARM is not responsible for any inspections of your fire alarm system which may, or may not, be required by your local authority having jurisdiction. Due to this fact, we are not able to monitor UL listed fire alarm systems which need annual certification. With countless years of fire industry experience, our fire alarm systems agents (FASA) and burglar alarm systems agents (BASA) certified customer service representatives are trained and experienced in dealing with nearly every fire scenario that may arise. With GEOARM, you can take advantage of our discounted fire alarm monitoring rate, which is less than half of our competition's, while still enjoying the high-quality support you deserve.

What Happens After I Order GEOARM Commercial Fire Alarm System Monitoring Service?
Once you order GEOARM's nationwide phone line or cellular fire alarm monitoring services, you will receive an email with a link to an easy online form which will ask you for your fire alarm system's make and model, as well as your system's zone information. For phone line alarm monitoring, GeoArm will need the phone number(s) your fire alarm system is connected to. To find your fire alarm system's make and model, look on the inside door of your hardwired fire control panel or simply fax us a current copy of your latest annual fire alarm inspection sheet to (561)655-4423.

Your fire alarm system's control panel is usually a red metal enclosure located in a closet or electrical room. If the make and model is not listed on the outside of the red metal can then please check the wiring diagram on the inside door of your fire control panel for the printed make and model number.

GEOARM will then schedule a convenient time to remotely reprogram your fire alarm system to communicate with our nationwide UL listed fire alarm monitoring central station. They will also perform a full system test to ensure every device on your fire alarm system is working properly. This reprogram/test process takes on average 1 to 2 hours for our fire alarm technician to complete.

  • Bosch (may require bar programmer)
  • Detection Systems (need installer code)
  • EST Systems (need installer code)
  • Federal Signal (need installer code)
  • Fire Control Instruments (need installer code)
  • Firelite (need installer code)
  • Gamewell (need installer code)
  • Gentex (need installer code)
  • Harrington Signal (need installer code)
  • Notifier Signal (need installer code)
  • Radionics (need installer code)
  • Siemens (need installer code)
  • Silent Knight (need installer code)
  • Simplex Grinnell (need installer code)
  • System Sensor (need installer code)
  • Wheelock (need installer code)

Fire-Lite Commercial Phone Line Alarm Monitoring Service
No-TERM @ $15/month
Save Your Money: $99.00
GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
Silent Knight Commercial Phone Line Alarm Monitoring Service
No-TERM @ $15/month
Save Your Money: $99.00
GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
Telular Commercial Cellular Fire Alarm Monitoring Service
No-TERM @ $35/month
Save Your Money: $199.00
GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
Commercial Phone Line Fire Alarm Monitoring Service
No-TERM @ $15/month
Save Your Money: $25.00
GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
Commercial Cellular Fire Alarm Monitoring Service
No-TERM @ $35/month
Save Your Money: $25.00
GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
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Commercial Fire Monitoring!

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