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Telular DIY Alarm Monitoring Services - GEOARM Security®

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Telular DIY HomeControl Alarm Monitoring
DIY Telular Alarm Monitoring Service w/HomeControl for DSC Security
No-TERM @ $20/month
Save Your Money: $99.00
GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
DIY Telular Alarm Monitoring Service w/HomeControl for 2GIG Security
No-TERM @ $20/month
Save Your Money: $99.00
GEOARM® Setup: $1.00
Learn About Telular HomeControl Do-It-Yourself Services?
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Monitoring is a term used to describe the building, modifying, repairing, or monitoring of an alarm system without the use of "experts" or "professionals". With the growth of wireless security system monitoring products that are primarily battery-operated, home and business security has finally become DIY friendly and safe.

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HomeControl Service Includes:

  • Remote Arming/Disarming

  • Unlimited Sensors

  • Ability to Use Touch Screens*

  • Z-Wave Automations & Schedules*

  • Upload/Download

  • End User Notifications

  • Live & Event Based Video

  • 500MB or 21 Days of Video Storage

Compatible Control Panels:

Compatible Alarm Communicators:

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