Takeover Phone Line Alarm Monitoring Service for Existing Business Security Systems.

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Do You Know the Installer Code?

Disclaimer: Your previous company may have locked your existing security system.

Not Sure if Locked?  Select Yes & GeoArm will attempt the reprogram for only $1.00!

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Sells Proprietary
Alarm Equipment
GeoArm Takeover
Success Rate
ADT 95%
Alarmforce 75%
Brinks 0%
Devcon 95%
Guardian 75%
Monitronics 75%
Protect America 75%
Protection One 75%
Slomins 75%
Sonitrol 0%
Stanley 75%
Other Provider     95%

GeoArm's Risk-Free Business Security System Takeovers

The "installer code" is a 4-digit code that may have been programmed into your business security system to prevent GeoArm from accessing your security systems programming. If this 4-digit "lock out" code is used on your alarm control panel by your previous alarm monitoring company it may, or may not be able to be reprogrammed for our monitoring services. In some cases, depending on your previous monitoring company a default of the business alarm control panel can be performed to set the panel back to factory settings.

Shame on Alarm Companies that Use Lock-Out Codes.

Our Friendly Services are for the Installer or DIYer.