Do-It-Yourself Video Services

  • Find out when your kids arrived home from school.
  • Be notified instantly if a medicine cabinet, gun safe, liquor cabinet or another dangerous area is opened unexpectedly.
  • Know what time the housecleaners arrived and how long they stayed.
  • Get an alert to your phone if the garage door is left open too long.
  • See if your teenager spent the afternoon playing video games in the basement or upstairs (hopefully) doing homework.

  • Make sure employees are opening and closing on time.
  • Ensure no one enters private offices or sensitive cabinets without your knowledge.
  • Ensure no one enters private offices or sensitive cabinets without your knowledge.
  • Receive daily reports on office usage and track customer traffic.
  • Arm the security system automatically, even when employees forget.
  • Receive notifications right to your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android smartphone. Web & Mobile Remote Access:

GE Interactive Alarm Monitoring Screenshot

GeoArm GE Security Systems:

If you purchase the GE Simon XT Cellular Security System along with GeoArm's interactive alarm monitoring you will gain the ability to add integrated wireless video surveillance to your GeoArm account.

An alarm that isn't just an alarm.

An GeoArm business or home monitoring system works around the clock to log all events, including motion activity, system arming and disarming, when doors or cabinets open or close, power failures and more. Sensors on the floor can even detect water leaks in time to save your property from flooding and irreparable damage. An GeoArm system is so much more than an alarm - it's a valuable tool you'll use every day.

It's great at keeping in touch.

All the information collected by your system is stored securely online for up to 60 days. You'll have access to it at any time from your computer or mobile phone using the web control panel or one of GeoArm's mobile apps. Even better, you'll decide which non-alarm activities matter most to you, and the system will send you instant event alerts via email or text message.

Use it in ways you never imagined.

GeoArm customers are constantly finding creative ways to take advantage of You'll quickly become accustomed to using it to keep up with your day-to-day activities that you'd like to be aware of. Light, Thermostat & Lock Control:

emPower Remote Light Control
With emPower by, you can create custom light schedules and automatic, event-triggered lighting rules that are designed to fit your home or business routines. With remote control from across the room or across the world, emPower offers a variety of light automation options for enhanced security and convenience, while also helping you save energy.

emPower Remote Thermostat Control
With emPower by, you can reduce your energy usage without sacrificing personal comfort when it comes to heating and cooling your home or business. It's easy to customize settings for each of your thermostats to fit your needs, whether you're keeping a comfortable temperature or looking for ways to save energy. emPower makes your thermostats smarter, and uses triggers like the time of day, day of week and the status of the security system to make your property run more efficiently.

emPower Remote Lock Control
With emPower by, there's no more turning back to make sure the doors are locked or rushing home to let someone in. emPower lets you remotely monitor and control your locks so you can constantly stay aware and be empowered to take action from anywhere. emPower makes it easy for you to lock or unlock a door remotely, or even better, create a lock access code for anyone who needs access to your property; you'll be alerted immediately via text or email when someone unlocks a door. Remote Look-in:

Total Connect Video Services let you effortlessly look in on any location via laptops, PCs and compatible mobile devices whether you're across the street or across the country.

Reality TV that's worth watching

System alerts and notifications offer great advances in home and business monitoring, but wouldn't it be amazing if you could actually see what's happening at your property while you're away? video allows you to do just that. It even offers options for outdoor and night vision cameras to monitor what goes on in your yard, driveway or outside of your store.

Live Video

View real-time video of your home or business from one or more of your security cameras. You can watch each angle one at a time, or take advantage of the Multi Camera View to see all security camera views on a single screen.

Saved Video Clips

Easily set up your security cameras to record video clips whenever motion is detected or during scheduled times. Then view, tag and search your stored clips to retrieve them later.

Video Alerts to Your Phone

Using any compatible cell phone or web-connected mobile devices, you can access saved video clips and even view live feeds. Recorded video clips can also be sent to your mobile device along with system alerts and notifications.

How it Works

Your licensed security dealer can offer you a variety of security-grade IP video security cameras, or even retrofit most traditional analog (CCTV) security cameras to use with Each security camera includes built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity and requires only a high-speed Internet connection and a power outlet. There is no need to plug it into your computer or install any software. The videos are stored remotely on servers, which means that you'll be able to view both live and recorded clips anytime on the web, or even on your smartphone.

Please note: Functionality varies depending on your service plan.

Add Interactive Service to any Service Plan: Internet Alarm Monitoring Service & Interactive Option
from $20/month
One Time Activation: $99.00
One Time Activation: $50.00 Video & Interactive Cellular Monitoring
from $35/month
One Time Activation: $99.00
One Time Activation: $50.00 Video Surveillance Service
from $15/month
One Time Activation: $99.00
One Time Activation: $50.00

Add Interactive Monitoring with an Cellular Communicator: Cellular Alarm Communicators
from $269.99

Add Monitoring with a GE Wireless Security System:

GE Simon XT Cellular Wireless Security System
Cellular Monitoring
from $20/month
List Price: $550.00
Your Price: $459.99

GE Simon XT Cellular Wireless Security System & Video Surveillance
Interactive Video Surveillance
from $35/month
List Price: $900.00
Your Price: $649.99

Get Video Surveillance Cameras:

ADC-V510 Wireless IP Security Camera
Wireless Video Surveillance
from $15/month
List Price: $300.00
Your Price: $199.99

ADC-V610PT Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Security Camera
Wireless Video Surveillance
from $15/month
List Price: $400.00
Your Price: $299.99

Honeywell AlarmNet Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Security Camera
Wireless Video Surveillance
from $15/month
List Price: $350.00
Your Price: $274.99 Interactive Services Demo:

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