PC1604 - 9V Alkaline Alarm Battery (Pack of 2)

PC1604 - 9V Alkaline Alarm Battery (2-Pack)
PC1604 - 9V Alkaline Alarm Battery (2-Pack)
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PC1604 - 9V Alkaline Alarm Battery

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PC1604 - Alarm Battery Description:

The PC1604 is 2 pack of 9V alkaline alarm batteries that power the wireless heat detector for the GE wireless security systems. If you have received a low battery signal from your 60-460-319.5 wireless heat detector, this is the correct replacement battery.

Compatible Devices Using This Alarm Battery:

GE Wireless Heat Detector (60-460-319.5)

GeoArm Burglar Alarm Monitoring Service  GeoArm Medical Alarm Monitoring Service  GeoArm Fire Alarm Monitoring Service  


  GeoArm Cellular Alarm Monitoring Service  GeoArm Interactive Alarm Monitoring Service  GeoArm Video Surveillance Monitoring Service

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